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The sequel to the most popular Hardstyle sample cd worldwide! With this DVD sample collection you get the newest sounds to transform your ideas into hard techno tracks. More than 500 vocals in three different styles are included. A collection of new unique sounding synths in multisampled and especially for reason users nn-19 format. This sample dvd contains a new large collection of bassdrums cataloged in hardstyle, hardcore, gated bassdrums, fx kick, jumpstyle and oldschool. Also more than 140 new drumloops sorted in hihats, tribal, breakbeat, clap, snare and ride for more usability.

Of course in acidized wave and dr.rex format. A big collection of special effects will smooth your production with explosions, sweep effects and experimental stuff. This DVD includes special stabhit attack sounds, the essential way to phat up the track rhythmic. With this second strike coming directly from the blutonium studios you will be able to produce up-to-date tracks in hardstyle, hardtrance, hardcore or jumpstyle.

团队的旋律 |2012 |酸的 WAV 笔芯 |1.1 GB

最受欢迎的鬼步样本 cd 全世界 》 的续集!与此 DVD 样本集合你得到最新的声音,将你的想法转化为硬技术轨道。在三种不同风格的超过 500 人声都包括在内。新的独特的测深 synth在多级采样,尤其是原因用户 nn 19 格式集合。此示例 dvd 包含了大量新的 bassdrums 编目中鬼步,铁杆,门控 bassdrums,fx 踢、 jumpstyle 和以前的学校。也超过 140 新drumloops hihats、 部落、 打击乐,排序鼓掌、 诱捕和骑更多的可用性。

当然,在酸化的波和 dr.rex 格式。特效大集合将平滑你的生产与爆炸,波及效果和实验的东西。这张 DVD 包括特别 stabhit 攻击的声音,phat 节奏,跑道上的根本出路。与此直接来自 blutonium 工作室的第二次罢工,你将能够生产最新轨道在鬼步,hardtrance,铁杆或jumpstyle。