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2011 | DELIRIUM | GIGA | 2.90 GB

This version of our library was not ported from GS2, this is a totally reprogrammed from the ground up library, the addition of almost unlimited dimensions in GS3 permits now 32 transition velocities instead of the 16 in GS2, what this translates into for the users is much smoother transitions from one velocity to another specially in the softer velocities where special attention was given to ensure better response when playing very softly. Obviously 24 bits does sound better and will cut through a mix easier when mixed in with other instruments.

As in the other version of the library you get 3 recorded perspectives, Ambient, Close Miked and Player Perspective in 12 recorded velocities (32 transition velocities) with Release Samples and Pedal Noises Fx.

One of the most important if not the most crucial elements of this new version is that we actually went back to the studio where we initially recorded the library to capture Pedal Up and Pedal Down Body resonance and Bridge resonance impulses to use in conjunction with GS3's most powerful and innovative feature, the embedded Gigapulse Pro convolution engine. These were taken from the actual Piano used to record the library, yes you heard right 2 different sets of impulses !

The bridge resonance impulses sound a little brighter and the Body resonance impulses sound much darker giving you 2 different options of Resonance emulation, these really do make a huge difference in realism, in conjunction with Pedal Fx noises, this library at the special introductory price of $149.95 is in our opinion the most complete Yamaha C7 Grand Piano library ever created.

格式: GIGA

2011 |谵妄 |GIGA |2.90 GB

此版本的我们的图书馆不从 GS2 移植过来,这是完全重编程自底向上,图书馆,增加的 GS3许可证现在 32 过渡速度而不是在 GS2,这给用户带来了 16 中几乎无限维度是从一个速度多平滑过渡到另一个专门在柔软的速度特别提到了确保更好的反应,非常软软地玩的时候。显然24 位声音更好,并将穿过混合,混合在一起的其他文书时,易于实现。

与其他版本的图书馆你得到 3 记录的观点,四周、 密切用和玩家视角中释放样品和踏板噪音Fx 的 12 记录速度 (32 过渡速度)。

其中一个最重要的如果不是这个新版本的最重要因素是,我们实际上回到工作室在哪里我们最初记录要捕获踏板,踏板下来身体共振和桥共振冲动与 GS3 的最强大和最创新的功能,嵌入式Gigapulse Pro 卷积引擎一起使用的库。这些都拍摄从钢琴用于记录图书馆的实际,是的你听说过右 2 套不同的冲动!

桥梁共振冲动声音再调亮一点和身体共振冲动听起来非常黑暗给你 2 个不同选项的共振仿真,这些做巨大的差异,在现实主义,连同踏板 Fx 噪声,此库 $149.95 特别介绍价格在我们看来是最完整的雅马哈 C7 钢琴库。