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畅快影响立管和滴眼液 3 WAV |2.17 Gb

影响,造反者 & 滴 3 一直要求我们由于日益普及的我们准备好的最终用户,若要使用,没有废话的制作工具。提供全面专业的、 易于使用的样品和循环是我们在畅快的目标。

这个最新的包是我们为所有流派精心制作的新鲜 FX 巨大 3 GB 和跨越的节奏,从 124 128和 140BPM。每 3 Bpm 同步的文件夹,你会发现 300 循环拆分成 3 部分滴、 冒口和影响。共有 900 循环弥补这个庞然大物释放,我们自豪的是可用的最大和最好的值集合,由任何其他样本公司。


球迷的深宅、 Techno、 污垢、 科技馆、 民进、 Dubstep、 电和故障都将找到的 FX 绝对必须为其音频的武器这高达选择。

音乐风格的 Skepta、 Showtek、 马丁 Garrix,Eric 普里兹、 卡尔文哈里斯、 马丁段、热因为 82、 刀方、 Skrillex、 Rudimental 和 Gorgon 市制作的所有会发现此 FX 集合他们生产的一个组成部分。

-24 位质量

-3 GB

-900 riser 卡、 滴 & 影响循环

-124、 128 & 140BPM



Soundbox Impacts Risers and Drops 3 WAV | 2.17 Gb

Impacts, Risers & Drops 3 has been demanded by our end users due to the increasing popularity of our ready to use, no-nonsense production tools. Supplying fully professional, easy to use samples and loops is our goal here at Soundbox.

This latest pack is a huge 3GB of our freshest FX crafted for all genres and spans tempos ranging from 124 to 128 and 140BPM. In each of the 3 Bpm synced folders you will find 300 loops split into 3 sections of Drops, Risers and Impacts. A total of 900 loops make up this behemoth release which we pride ourselves as being the biggest and best value collections available by any other sample company.

Insane crescendo-building Risers, speaker-cracking Drops and section-defining Impacts make up just part of what is on offer in this immense collection.

Fans of Deep House, Techno, Grime, Tech House, Progressive, Dubstep, Electro and Glitch alike will find this whopping selection of FX an absolute must for their audio weaponry.

Music made in the style of Skepta, Showtek, Martin Garrix, Eric Prydz, Calvin Harris, Martin Solveig, Hot Since 82, Knife Party, Skrillex, Rudimental and Gorgon City will all find this FX collection an integral part of their production.

- 24 Bit Quality

- 3GB

- 900 Risers, Drops & Impact Loops

- 124, 128 & 140BPM


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