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Title: FXPHD – NUK240 – The Art and Science of Green Screen Keying, Part 2


Pulling a key from a greenscreen is one of the basic skills for any compositor but only the most skilled artists can create the illusion of the integration of an extracted green screen element with other CG layers to make it look like it was shot at the same time, with the same camera and lenses under the same lights. For a compositor there is more to see than just green pixels and an alpha channel. The elaboration of a green screen or blue screen requires both fine artistic eye and a methodological mindset.

Professor Victor Perez has designed this two-part course to teach you all the available keying tools in Nuke X and how to use them to pull a key as a real pro. In part two of the course, Victor builds upon the theories learned in Part 1 and dives into using the tools and showing techniques on how to get great keys in Nuke X. ‘The Art and Science of Green Screen Keying, Part 2’ contains over five hours of instruction as well as footage files (available with our premium membership).

Topics covered in this course:

Spill and Color

• Despill Algorithms and Expressions

• Despill within Keyers: Keylight

• Hue Correction and Suppression

• Restoration of Screen Luminance

• Restoration of Background-Relative Luminance

Non-Alpha Advanced Keyers

• High Frequency Pass

• Additive Keyer

• Multiplicative Keyer

• VKeyer®

Post-Processing Mattes Operations

• Dilate/Erode Filtes

• Median Matrix

• Blur and Grade Combo

Compositing the Greenscreen Element and Its Qualities of Light

• The ‘Beauty’ Matte (Perfect Pixel Accurate Key)

• Light Qualities vs Edge Density

• The Motion Blur Issue

• Background-Relative Luminance Against Semitransparent Areas

• Physics of Radiation Of Light Against Edge Surfaces

• Bloom and Glare

• Reflections and Non-Alpha Greenscreen Areas Fusion Methodology

• Edge Blend

• Grain Restoration

• Color Grading: Who is the Reference

持续时间项目文件包括的 MP4

标题︰ 数码 — — NUK240 — — 艺术和科学的绿色屏幕键控,第 2 部分


拉从绝密的关键是任何排序的基本技能之一,但只有最熟练的艺术家才可以的假象提取绿色屏幕元素的集成与其他 CG 图层,使它看起来像它被枪杀在同一时间、 同一台相机与镜头下相同的灯。为排序有看到很多比只是绿色像素和一个 alpha 通道。绿屏或蓝屏的拟订需要精细的艺术眼光和方法学的心态。

教授维克托 · 佩雷斯设计了这两部分课程教你所有可用的密钥工具在 Nuke X 和如何使用它们来拉作为一个真正的亲的关键。后学在第 1 部分和潜水到使用的工具和如何显示技术的理论课程,维克托生成第二部分在 Nuke 十 '的艺术和科学的绿色屏幕键控,部分 2'、 大键包含五个多小时的教学素材文件 (可用于我们的保险费会员)。



• Despill 算法和表达式

• Despill 内员︰ 反光膜

• 色调校正和制止

• 恢复的屏幕亮度

• 恢复的相对于背景的亮度


• 高频率通

• 添加剂键控器

• 乘法键控器

• VKeyer®


• 扩张/侵蚀过滤器

• 中位数矩阵

• 模糊和等级组合


• '美' 遮罩 (完美像素精确键)

• 光质 vs 边缘密度

• 运动模糊问题

• 相对于背景的亮度对半透明区域

• 物理特性对边缘表面光辐射

• 布鲁姆和眩光

• 思考和非 Alpha 绝密领域融合方法

• 边缘混合

• 粮食恢复

• 颜色分级︰ 谁是参考