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Best Service Chris Hein Solo Strings Complete KONTAKT | 15.3 Gb

Chris Hein Solo Strings Complete is an extensive Solo Strings Library including Chris Hein´s Solo Violin, Solo Viola, Solo Cello and Solo ContraBass - all recorded with greatest care and endless details, precisely edited and merged into a practical and musical instrument for NI's Kontakt Player. Each Instrument has over 10,000 samples, 38 articulations and 4 different legato transitions. Unique phase align techniques enable perfect X-fade blending between up to 8 dynamic layers. Play from smooth & soft to screaming loud with completely natural sounding transitions, all without artefacts or phasing.

Choose from a staggering 102 different attack shapes per note using the unique Note Head function, all with just a single fader. Two on-board convolution reverbs allow you to design the body of the instrument and the performance space itself. The DSP effects rack gives unlimited power to process the string sound, from soundtrack-ready to other-wordly.

Chris Hein Solo Strings Complete include:

Chris Hein Solo Violin delivers outstanding, detailed and highly expressive results in all relevant genres ranging from classical music and film scores to gypsy-jazz, folk and pop ballads.

Chris Hein Solo Viola features high-grade sound quality and incredible realistic articulations. This library offers everything you have been missing with previous virtual string instruments.

Chris Hein Solo Cello is a bundle of two fantastic sounding Solo Cello Instruments. The two instruments in CH-Solo Cello have exactly the same features, but a completely different sound.

Chris Hein Solo ContraBass outshines all previous Contrabass libraries. Never before, a sample library of this extent has been dedicated towards a single string instrument.

All Solo String instruments included in Chris Hein Solo Strings Complete benefits from producer Chris Hein's 30 years spanning experience in the field of sampling and library production, resulting in a products that offer highest versatility, configurability and practical use.

最佳服务 Chris Hein 独奏弦完整开播 |15.3 Gb

Chris Hein 独奏完整字符串是广泛的独奏字符串库包括克里斯 Hein´s 独奏小提琴,中提琴独奏、 大提琴独奏和独奏低音大提琴-所有记录的最大关心和无休止的详细信息,精确地编辑和 NI 的开播球员合并成一个实际和音乐的工具。每台仪器有超过 10000 个样品、 38 关节和 4 不同 legato 过渡。独特的相位对齐技术启用 X-淡入淡出交融达 8 动态层。玩到大声尖叫,完全自然声音转换,所有没有文物或逐步从光滑 & 软。

从每张票据使用的独特的注意头功能,都只是单个推子的惊人 102 不同攻击形状选择。两个板载卷积混响允许您设计仪器与性能空间本身的机构。DSP 效果机架给出了无限的权力来处理字符串的声音,从配乐准备到其他贴切。

Chris Hein 独奏完整字符串包括︰

Chris Hein 独奏小提琴提供优秀的、 细致的、 极具表现力的结果在所有相关的流派,从古典的音乐和电影分数到吉普赛爵士乐、 民歌和流行民谣。

Chris Hein 独奏中提琴功能高档声音质量和令人难以置信的现实表达。此库提供一切你已经错过与以往虚拟字符串文书。

Chris Hein 大提琴独奏是一捆两听独奏大提琴文书。大提琴独奏 CH 这两个文书有完全相同的功能,但完全不同的声音。

Chris Hein 独奏低音大提琴一枝独秀所有以前最低音定库。从来没有过,这种程度的样本库一直在致力单个字符串文书。

所有独奏乐器列入 Chris Hein 独奏完整字符串好处从制片人克里斯 Hein 30 年跨越经验领域的采样和图书馆生产,导致产品,提供最高的通用性,可配置性和实用价值。