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12.2013 | Sample, Layered Production Music Library | .djmusic | 1.78 GB

Give your film and video productions the same energy and driving rhythm you hear when you watch our popular promo videos! The Toxic Traxx product line is a unique compilation of the kind of layered production music we use in our Digital Juice product promo videos. This seventh volume, Toxic Traxx Volume 7: Cinematic III, brings you more of the popular rich cinematic sounds.found in the very first Toxic Traxx volume. The multi-layered tracks in this collection have an excitement and drama that is perfect for a wide variety of film and video projects - whether for trailers, promos or show intros. The songs in this library have been created by talented musicians from around the world and they have a rich, realistic and complex sound that owes its inspiration to many sources. Each of these tracks was professionally recorded and produced specifically for us - but we've decided to share them with you!

Like the songs in our MusicBox product line, each song in Toxic Traxx Collection 7 contains up to 10 remixable layers for the ultimate in customization. These tracks are composed for use as-is in any production, but they are also ready to be remixed and customized for everything from film and show opens, compilation videos and broadcast commercial spots to corporate presentations, show reels and event promos. And, as with the MusicBox libraries, each song in Toxic Traxx also comes with custom edited standard length broadcast cuts in full, 1:00, :30, :15 and :10 lengths so that you can quickly grab the track you need. With all of this, your options to customize and make each song fit your production are endless. And because this is an instant download collection, you can get the tracks you need as soon as you want them.


10 Original Cinematic Scores

Up to 10 layers per song

Full length, 1:00, :30, :15 and :10 Broadcast Cuts of each score

12.2013 |样本,分层制作音乐图书馆 |.djmusic |1.78 GB

给你的电影和视频作品,相同的能量和驾驶节奏你听到你什么时候看我们的流行电视节目预告视频 !有毒 Traxx 产品线是什么样的我们在我们的数字果汁产品促销视频中使用的分层的生产音乐独特编译。这个第七卷,有毒 Traxx 卷 7︰ 电影 III,带给你更多受欢迎的丰富电影 sounds.found 第一有毒 Traxx 卷中。此集合中的多层的轨道有兴奋和戏剧,非常适合各种各样的电影和视频项目-为拖车、 促销活动或节目介绍。此库中的歌曲已创建的天才音乐家,他们有丰富的、 现实的和复杂的声音,欠对许多来源的启示。每个这些轨道为专业记录并制作了专门为我们-但我们已经决定要跟你分享一下 !

像我们 MusicBox 产品线中的歌曲,每首歌中有毒 Traxx 集合 7 包含 10 兼层自定义项中的极限。这些轨道由组成用作-是在任何生产,但他们也准备混音和定制的一切从电影展打开,录相和广播向企业推介的商业广告,显示卷轴和事件预告片。,如与MusicBox 图书馆,每一首歌中有毒 Traxx 还带有自定义编辑标准长度广播削减开支,充分,1:00,︰ 30,︰ 15 和︰ 10 长度,可以迅速抓住你需要的轨道。所有这一切,与您的选项,自定义,使每一首歌,适合您的生产是无穷无尽的。因为这是一个即时下载集合,你可以得到你需要尽快你所希望的轨道。


10 原始电影分数

每首歌曲达 10 层

全长,1:00,︰ 30,︰ 15 和︰ 10 播出削减每个评分