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Duration 7h 38m Project Files Included MP4

Title: The Gnomon Workshop – Creature Rigging for Production


Character rigging is a process that starts the moment the design of a character is established. To get the most out of a character it involves a lot of communication between the modeler, the rigger and, whenever possible, the animator. This tutorial begins by working with the basic blockout ZBrush file from Ben Erdt’s tutorial “Creature Modeling for Production” to start generating the skeleton. The rig is set up in several components, divided by the limbs, and aims to create a fully functional body rig before the modeler is done creating a clean topology. The components make use of IK, FK and Spline-IK systems with blending where necessary. Some python code is shared to speed up some of these workflows. Tools that are not part of the original Maya tool-set will be used to create controls and help out with skinning the basic blockout mesh. This will then become the base information used in the final mesh, where a second phase of rigging starts: adding the extra detail controls on the character. The end-result contains a rig that is easy to use for an animator and which can be directly used in a game engine.

持续时间 7 h 38 m 项目文件包括的 MP4

标题︰ Gnomon 工作坊 — — 生物索具生产


角色设定是一个过程,开始的时候,建立设计的一个字符。要获得最大的字符它涉及到大量的以及之间的通信建模,起重工,只要有可能,动画师。本教程开始通过使用基本遮住 ZBrush 文件从本 Erdt 教程"生物建模为生产"开始生成的骨架。钻机设置几个组件,除以四肢,和之前完成建模者创建功能齐全的身体钻机的目的是创造一个干净的拓扑。组件使使用 IK,FK 和样条 IK 系统混合在必要时。一些 python 代码共享加快这些工作流。工具不是原始的玛雅工具集的一部分,将用于创建控件,帮着剥皮基本遮住网格。这将会成为在索具开始第二阶段在最后的网格,使用的基本信息︰添加额外的细节控件的特性。最终的结果包含一个钻井平台,并易于使用的动画,可以直接使用的游戏引擎。