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Audiomodern Abuser v2.0 KONTAKT | 2.7 Gb

Under the hood of this beast lies 1.738 pristine audio samples, direct from the Sherman filterbank , a filter effect box with unique tube sound overdrive. A pure analog machine which is not based on processor calculation speed. It’s a 24dB/octave 4-pole dual filter module, a genuine analog circuitry with serious overdrive for the grungiest of sounds!

From the front end you are presented with an advance Multi-Tab GUI allowing you to modify the patches and internal presets visually using the most common features that most synthesizers have. An easy to use Multi-Layer interface, without a complex menu diving. So you can direct handling and quick sound making.

This stunning instrument is packed full of analogue modelled effects , powerful LFO’s and envelopes ad an advanced arpeggiator. It is able to create a huge range of sounds, from filthy basses with extremely low frequencies and leads to futuristic electronica, distorted leads , mellow saturated melodic Poly-Synths and everything in between. We wanted to create something that put detailed raw sounds already at your fingertips, allowing deep and complex sounds to be built easily without fiddling, allowing you to concentrate on what is most important – the music!


1.738 True stereo samples from analog gear abused through the Sherman filterbank recorded at 96Khz.

3.6 Total Gb of sounds

60 New Factory Presets

Multi-Layer Engine

Individual Effects for each Layer

Random Sequence Generator

Optimized Functionality

The only Instrument plugin available of its kind!

Audiomodern 施虐者 v2.0 开播 |2.7 Gb

引擎盖下的这只野兽谎言 1.738 原始音频采样,直接从谢尔曼滤波器,滤波器效果框与独特的管声超速。纯的模拟机,不基于处理器计算速度。它是 24dB/倍频 4 极点双滤波器模块,真正的模拟电路与严重超速为 grungiest 的声音 !

从前端为您提供预先多选项卡 GUI 允许您修改补丁和直观地使用最常用的功能大部分合成器具有内部预设。易于使用的多层界面,没有复杂的菜单潜水。所以你可以直接处理和快速的声音制作。

这令人惊叹的仪器被塞满了模拟的模拟效果,强大低频振荡和信封广告先进的琶音器。它是能够从肮脏的低音,以极低频率创建大量的声音,并导致未来的电子乐,扭曲的线索、 醇厚饱和旋律聚合成器和之间的一切。我们想要创造的东西,把已经在您的指尖,让深的详细原始声音和复杂的声音,没有摆弄,轻松构建使您可以专注于什么是最重要的是 — — 音乐 !


1.738 滥用通过入账 96 Khz 的谢尔曼滤波器模拟齿轮真正立体的标本就是。

3.6 总 Gb 的声音

60 新工厂预设





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