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Duration 15 Chapters Project Files Included MP4

Title: 3DMotive – 2D Game Character Animation Volume 5


Learn how to create and animate 2D game characters in Blender, presented by In this course for intermediate users, Alan Thorn outlines a solid, step-by-step workflow for building, mapping and animating appealing game characters that perform well and work effectively in a game engine. See how to model precisely from imported reference images to make an interesting character. Learn how to unwrap and texture character models using Blender’s powerful mapping tool-set. Then explore how to rig and configure your character, complete with Inverse Kinematics, to create realistic motion. And then animate a walk cycle for your character, which can be repeated seamlessly. Finally, see how to import your character to the Unity engine for performance in-game. By the end of this course you’ll understand a flexible and powerful workflow for making 2D characters that bring your games to life…


标题: 3DMotive –二维游戏字符动画音量五


了解如何创建和动画的二维游戏字符搅拌器, 提出。在这一课程中, 艾伦刺概述了一个坚实的, step-by 步骤的工作流的建设, 测绘和动画吸引力的游戏字符, 表现良好, 有效地工作在一个游戏引擎。请参见如何精确地从导入的参照图像进行建模, 以使其具有有趣的特性。了解如何打开和纹理字符模型使用搅拌器强大的映射 tool-set。然后探讨如何操纵和配置你的性格, 完整的逆运动学, 创造现实的运动。然后为您的字符动画一个步行周期, 可以无缝地重复。最后, 请参阅如何将您的角色导入到统一引擎中以进行游戏中的性能。在本课程末尾, 您将了解一个灵活而强大的工作流程, 用于制作二维字符, 使您的游戏生活..。