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Duration 5h 1m Project Files Included MP4

Professional Asset Workflows with Quixel Suite


Have you ever wondered how to create high quality assets with a short and quick pipeline without going through countless softwares to produce a single 3D model? If so, this course is for you. In this course, Professional Asset Workflows with Quixel Suite, you’ll learn how to make stunning 3D assets for games and production with minimum possible time by utilizing shortest possible pipeline. First, you’ll discover how you can create a complete 3D rifle model in 3ds Max from basic primitives. Next, you’ll explore how you can effectively place the UV’s in 0-1 space for better utilization of UV space and export your model to Quixel Suite. Then, you’ll learn how easily you can create normal details for your rifle model inside NDO from Quixel Suite without going through the pain of sculpting and baking. Finally, you’ll find out how quickly you can produce photo-realistic textures for your model using DDO in Quixel Suite and how to create a nice presentation of your model in Marmoset Toolbag. By the end of this course, you’ll not only learn how to model and texture a realistic model in 3ds Max and Quixel Suite, but you’ll also learn a complete pipeline for creating realistic assets with minimum efforts and time. Software required: Quixel Suite, 3ds Max.

工期 5h 1m 项目文件包括 MP4

具有 Quixel 套件的专业资产工作流


您是否曾经想过如何用短而快速的管道创建高质量的资产, 而无需经过无数个软件来生成一个3D 模型?如果是的话, 这门课是给你的。在本课程中, 专业的资产工作流程与 Quixel 套件, 您将了解如何利用最短的管道, 在游戏和生产的最低时间, 使惊人的3D 资产。首先, 你会发现如何创建一个完整的3D 步枪模型, 在3ds 最大的基本原语。接下来, 您将探讨如何有效地将 uv 在0-1 空间中放置, 以便更好地利用 uv 空间, 并将您的模型导出到 Quixel 套件中。然后, 您将了解如何轻松地创建您的步枪模型内是否从 Quixel 套件的正常细节, 而不经历的痛苦, 雕刻和烘烤。最后, 您将了解如何快速地为您的模型生成 photo-realistic 纹理, 使用 ddo 在 Quixel 套件中, 以及如何在猴 toolbag 中创建一个很好的模型演示。在本课程结束时, 您不仅将学习如何在 3ds max 和 Quixel 套件中建模和纹理逼真的模型, 而且您还将学习一条完整的管道, 以最小的努力和时间创建实际的资产。软件要求: Quixel 套房, 3ds 最大。