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Game Character Rigging Fundamentals

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Rigging is an essential part of game development and it is integral in bringing the games that you love to life. This course will teach you the fundamentals of rigging characters for games.

For many, rigging is the last area of game development they want to learn and it's easy to understand why. You don't play a game to be wowed by the controllers used to animate that dragon or marvel at the adventurer's joint system. It's one of those disciplines between forward facing art and back-end design that takes a back seat to most everything else you can see happening on the screen.

However, understanding how to rig is what will take your dragon or adventurer character further than ever before and give them potential for a life of their very own. In this course, Game Character Rigging Fundamentals, you will find that rigging doesn't have to be overwhelming if you learn the fundamentals in a comfortable and digestible way.

First, you will start the basics of creating joints and building a skeleton. Once that's complete, you will jump right into creating animation controllers and their constraints to help the joints move. After that, the character can be bound to the rig and you can modify those skin weights. Finally, to give the rig more complex movement, you will create set driven keys for elements like finger gripping and foot roll. By the end of this course, you will have everything you need to rig your characters and an excellent foundation for moving on to more advanced rigging.

Software required for the course: Maya 2017.


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索具是游戏发展的重要组成部分, 它是把你热爱生活的游戏的组成部分。本课程将教你操纵游戏人物的基本知识。

对许多人来说, 索具是他们想要学习的最后一个游戏开发领域, 它很容易理解为什么。你不玩一个游戏, 被用于动画龙或奇迹在冒险家的联合系统的控制器惊叹。这是在前面向艺术和后端设计之间的一门学科, 它可以让你在屏幕上看到的所有其他东西都坐在后排。

然而, 了解如何钻机是什么将采取你的龙或冒险者的性格比以往任何时候都和给他们的潜力, 他们自己的生活。在这个过程中, 游戏角色操纵的基础, 你会发现, 索具不需要压倒性, 如果你学习的基础, 在一个舒适和可消化的方式。

首先, 您将开始创建关节和构建骨架的基础知识。一旦完成, 您将直接跳转到创建动画控制器及其约束, 以帮助关节移动。之后, 字符可以绑定到钻机, 你可以修改这些皮肤重量。最后, 为了使钻机更复杂的运动, 你将创建的元素, 如手指夹持和脚辊的设置驱动键。在本课程结束时, 你将拥有你所需要的一切来操纵你的角色和一个很好的基础, 移动到更先进的索具。

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