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Duration 45m Project Files Included MP4

Title: Gumroad – Basics  Beyond Tutorial – Tim Bergholz



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Pivot Script for 3Ds Max

My shortcuts for 3Ds Max

Duration: 45 minutes video MP4 format with full audio commentary in English


Whether you’re new to 3DS Max or just want to freshen up your skills, this tutorial will help you turning 3DS MAX into a powerful tool and work horse.

We start by having a look at controls, important settings & configurations and continue with an in depth look at numerous actions, modifiers as well as the importance of shortcuts to become fast and efficient.

With this tutorial you’ll get my personal key config and learn about additional free third party plugins that save us a lot of time.

Aimed at all levels this tutorial will pave the way of creating state of the art 3D models.

Software used: 3Ds Max 2016

工期45m 项目文件包括 MP4

标题: Gumroad-基础和超越教程– tim bergholz




3Ds 最大数据透视脚本

3Ds max 的快捷方式

持续时间:45 分钟视频 MP4 格式与完整的音频评论英语


无论你是新的 3DS max 或只是想刷新你的技能, 本教程将帮助你把 3DS max 变成一个强大的工具和工作马。

我们首先看一下控件、重要的设置和配置, 然后继续深入了解许多操作、修饰符以及快捷方式的重要性, 以使其快速高效。

有了这个教程, 你会得到我的个人密钥配置, 并了解更多的免费第三方插件, 节省我们很多时间。

针对所有级别, 本教程将为创建艺术3D 模型的状态铺平道路。

使用的软件: 3Ds 最大2016