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Diego Querol shared his beautiful Arts&Crafts

images back in March on the forums. Since then he shared two more sets

related to this great personal project, the upper area of the studio and

a Tattoo Salon, as well as winning the 3dawards with the image

behind. Today he takes us for a ride into his great looking mess of

things, breaking it down to bits from initial concept to final

post-production. Enjoy!

Introduction (简介)

First of all I would like to thank Ronen Bekerman for giving me the

opportunity to share with you a new article about the making-of my

Arts&Crafts project which was posted on the forums and recently won

the 2015 3dawards in Image – non commissioned category.

It took me about three months to complete this project, working on my

free time and I have experienced that sometimes is nice to have time to

stop a project for a while and then start it over with new ideas.

For many days this was looking like a complete nightmare, and

probably for some people that is still happening, but in the end there

is a nice harmony between composition colours and materials.

This is the first part of three different scenes I have designed and it is inspired by an art studio space.

There is something going on upstairs and a Tattoo salon on the other side.

Let’s start the behind the scenes.

The Initial Idea(最初想法)

If we have a look at some of the inspiration imagery I found on

pinterest, we cans already see nice compositions and small stories

between all the elements.

Everything looks messy but at the same time it is organized.

This was the big challenge of this project. How to get the right balance between a nice mess and a complete nightmare?

If you have a look to some of my old work, you can see I always like

to use powerful colors to accent the spaces and I wanted to keep the

same idea for this area.

I referred to imagery of the holi color festival and some artist that work splashing of nice primary colors.


Why not? Let’s have these colors all around the space.

With all this inspiration I started to develop the idea in 3d.