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Intrinsic | 03-04-2015 | 57.3 GB

In Tyros2 Kontakt Instrument has a lot of realistic sounds, covering virtually all categories of existing instruments, as well as all the sounds of the world! For example in the section of the organs you can choose from the theater organ to jazz, from classics to rock.Special scheme Live!, Cool! and Sweet! are you the widest range of sounds of acoustic and electric tools, they obtained mixing recorded stereo and imposed samples that convey a sense of presence, resonance, expression and vibrato of the real instruments.In this Kontakt Instrument we have provided a set of tools to digital signal processing - effects, allowing improve the sound in various ways. (for example, due to the effects of reverberation, chorus, filters and EQ), or completely change it.Beautiful and intuitive interface (Kontakt GUI) make your job easier. You can easily set up the sound directly at the interface.Also, we have provided the arpeggiator, which will help you to create different variations of arpeggio.


Year of release: 2014

Manufacturer:norCtrack Studio |

Compatibility: PC OS Windows & Mac

SOFTWARE requirements: Native Instruments Kontakt 4.1 or high versions

Language of the interface: English

Size: 57.3 Gb (on 15 DVD Disc) 609 NKI Files with Kontakt GUI

Included: All patches of YAMAHA TYROS 2

Sample Key Range: 88

Velocity: 1 to 8 on demand of sounds

layers: 1 to 3 on demand of sounds

Super Articulation technology: YES

Arpeggiator: YES

本质| 03 - 04年| 57(3)GB

在tyros2接触仪器具有求实听起来很多,virtually类覆盖所有现有的仪器,作为阱为所有听起来的世界!例如在《身体的部分你可以选择从剧院到爵士乐的机构,从经典的摇滚现场。特殊的计划。,酷!甜的!你的widest程学院声听起来和电气工具,他们通过混合录制立体声和征收的样本是意识的存在,convey A大学,共振,表达和颤音的实际接触的仪器。在这个工具,我们有提供一套工具到大学数字信号处理allowing改善效果,在各种方式的声音。(例如,由于《reverberation效应、合唱、滤波器和均衡器),或完全改变它。美丽和接口(GUI intuitive接触你的工作easier)的丈夫。你可以轻易地设置的声音直接在接口。也,我们有提供的琶音,这将帮助你创建不同的变化对大学的琶音。



制造商:norctrack | vst-store.com工作室




(3)尺寸:15 GB的在线DVD盘)609 NKI档案与接触界面