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CAPSUN ProAudio Textures Dust Dirt and Crackle Vol.1 | MULTiFORMAT | 841 MB

TEXTURES - Dust, Dirt & Crackle Vol.1 is the future and also the past. Inviting you into another world of crisp organic soundscapes, haunting sci-fi elements, evocative vintage vinyl noise, tape and cassette captures and ghostly voice textures. This spectacular sample library provides a huge number of high quality original loops and single sounds, purpose built, designed and found to inspire emotive production and evoke memories of distant locations and forgotten nights.

Musical inspiration construction sets should arouse the senses and broken beat loops, sampling classic drum machines and run through warm vintage gear can spread dust and dirt through your production in just the right amount. Rhythmic crackle beds can be added with a stunning selection of record loops from every source conceivable. Warm things up with rusty cassette noise loops or cool it down with tempo synced mechanical and twisted machine noise.

Deep and evolving sound beds we’ve called Wash will provoke flashes of 80s sci-fi whilst holding one foot firmly in the production styles of Future Beats, Textured Garage & House and Classic Hip-Hop. 70 all new Drum One Shots are included, ranging from dusty old machines, the buzz of inspired mistakes and the deep thud of over-saturation.

Influence has been drawn from experimental electronic artists such as Burial, Flying Lotus, Clams Casino, Four Tet, Cyril Hahn, Ta-Ku, Actress, Zomby and also pioneering musicians and composers such as Brian Eno, Trent Reznor, Phil Spector and John Carpenter. This makes this expansive collection ideal for downtempo electronica, turned down rap, chill trap, classic hip-hop, future garage, chillwave, ambient house and techno, atmospheric DnB and future beats.

Technical Specifications:

• 24-Bit Quality

• 1.12 GB

• 20 Beats Loops

• 70 Drum One-Shots

• 20 Cassette Noise Loops

• 30 Crackle Loops

• 5 Musical Inspiration Construction Kits

• Includes 29 Inspiration Loops

• 20 Mechanical Loops

• 20 Organic Loops

• 20 Reversed Loops

• 20 Sci-Fi Loops

• 20 Voices Loops

• 20 Wash Loops

• 39 Inspiration One-Shots

• 25 Mechanical One-Shots

• 13 Sci-Fi One-Shots

• 22 Voices One-Shots

• 20 Beats REX2 Files

污垢和尘埃,青佺proaudio裂纹1 MB | multiformat | 841



深床和不断变化的声音,我们已经被洗provoke想flashes of 80英尺,同时保持一个科幻firmly风格在未来的生产节拍,车库与房子水和经典的嘻哈。一个新的鼓70所有的镜头包括测距,从尘土飞扬的老机器,巴斯大学学院医院和受错误深过饱和。

的影响已经从实验得出的电子艺术家如埋藏、飞莲,四clams赌场,TET,Cyril Hahn,打鼓,所以女音乐家和作曲家和zomby提出如Brian Eno,Trent Reznor,Phil Spector和John Carpenter。这使得这个流派的理想膨胀收集电子,把下冷陷阱,经典说唱,嘻哈,未来chillwave车库,房子,环境和技术,和未来大气DNB节奏。



•1.12 GB