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Lynda - SketchUp for Architecture: LayOut

1.75GB | Duration: 6h 18m | Video: AVC (.mp4) 1280x720 15fps | Audio: AAC 48KHz 2ch

Genre: eLearning | Level: Intermediate | Language: English

oin Paul J. Smith in this course and learn how to link your SketchUp model to LayOut and generate professional looking plans, views, and elevations. This course, focusing on the advanced features in SketchUp Pro, starts with a complete SketchUp model and looks at how scenes, styles, and active section planes enable you to control your 3D model in LayOut. Paul will show how scenes, styles, and section cuts work together to generate the 3D and 2D information you need to produce a set of working drawings. Then learn to dimension and annotate with LayOut's powerful yet simple tool and call on the power of the scrapbook to add entourage, images, and symbols in your drawings. Paul will also explain the way LayOut and SketchUp link together, where to store your templates and scrapbook elements, and how to avoid missing references. It's a comprehensive course covering all the steps required to leverage the 2D from the 3D.

Topics include:

* Creating a template watermark

* Mixing and saving styles

* Adding and updating scenes

* Aligning and animating scenes

* Adding and animating sections

* Creating views

* Customizing layout preferences and document setup

* Working with references in LayOut

* Building a template

* Working with site plans

* Coordinating plans and elevations

* Adding text, dimensions, and title blocks

* Building a scrapbook

琳达-都会为之着迷的体系结构: 布局

1.75 GB |持续时间: 6 h 18 m |视频: AVC (.mp4) 1280 x 720 15 fps |音频: AAC 48 KHz 2 通道

类型: 电子学习 |级别: 中级 |语言: 英语

oin Paul J.Smith 在这课程,并学习如何将你都会为之着迷模型链接到布局和生成专业看计划、 视图和海拔高度。这门课程,专注于中都会为之着迷 Pro 的高级功能入手,都会为之着迷的完整模型,看着如何场景、 样式和活跃部分飞机使您可以控制您在布局中的 3D 模型。Paul 将显示如何场景、 样式和部分削减工作在一起,生成的 3D 和 2D 的信息,您需要出示一套工作图纸。然后了解如何尺寸和注释与布局的功能强大而又简单的工具并呼吁剪贴簿权在您的绘图中添加随从、 图像和符号。Paul 还将解释布局和都会为之着迷联系在一起,在哪里来存储您的模板和剪贴簿元素,以及如何避免缺少参照的方式。它是一门综合性的课程,包括利用从 3D 2D 所需的所有步骤。


* 创建模板水印

* 混合和存储样式

* 添加和更新场景

* 对齐和动画场景

* 添加和动画节

* 创建视图

* 自定义布局首选项和文档设置

* 工作与布局中的引用

* 建筑模板

* 使用站点计划

* 协调计划和海拔高度

* 添加文本、 尺寸和标题块

* 建立一本剪贴簿