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3DVIA Composer是 3DVIA Composer 解决方案的核心产品。作为一种桌面应用程序,可用于直接从 3D 数字产品数据创建产品文档内容。3DVIA Composer 是为非 CAD 人员设计的,不需要 CAD 知识或培训。可以按现有公司标准创建爆炸视图,并加上标签和零件序号进行注解。此外,3DVIA Composer 允许创建样式和智能视图,后两者可应用于任何内容以确保视觉效果的一致性。

使用 3DVIA Composer 的内置技术图解功能可以轻松快捷地制作 2D 线条图。输出内容包括 3D 动画以及 JPEG、SVG、CGM 等高分辨率图像。

3DVIA Sync是一种自动化工具,该工具可关联 3DVIA Composer 生成的内容与 3DCAD 数据。元数据、几何图形或产品结构中的更改可以在 3DVIA Composer 生成的内容中自动进行更新,从而确保文档的准确性和一致性。

3DVIA Safe是一种加载项实用程序,用户可用来控制和管理对 3DVIA Composer 生成的内容知识产权的访问。有了 3DVIA Safe,内容创建者可以在用3DVIA Player 播放内容时管理访问控制,还可以使用专利技术“Secure 3D Brush”防止对知识产权的复制或盗用。

3DVIA Check是一种加载项实用程序,利用该实用程序,用户能确保各种操作步骤在现实中得以执行。3DVIA Check 提供动态和静态碰撞检测,允许用户快速检验维修和装配工艺。这样,可以确保操作员能够对装配体中的零部件进行维护或修理。3DVIA Player 是一种免费产品,文件接收者可利用它来查看 3DVIA Composer 生成的文档。3DVIA Player 的高性能与 3DVIA Composer 没有什么两样。3DVIA Player 决不只是一个简单的浏览器,文件接收者可用它来获得与产品文档高度互动的体验。此外,3DVIA Player 还能嵌入到 MS Office 应用程序、HTML 和 PDF 中。

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ATIA is the World's Leading Solution for Product Design and Experience. It is used by leading organizations in multiple industries to develop the products we see and use in our everyday lives.

CATIA delivers the unique ability not only to model any product, but to do so in the context of its real-life behavior: design in the age of experience. Systems architects, engineers, designers and all contributors can define, imagine and shape the connected world.

CATIA, powered by Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform, delivers:

A Social design environment built on a single source of truth and accessed through powerful 3D dashboards that drive business intelligence, real-time concurrent design and collaboration across all stakeholders including mobile workers.

An Instinctive 3DEXPERIENCE, for both experienced and occasional users with world-class 3D modeling and simulation capabilities that optimize the effectiveness of every user.

An Inclusive product development platform that is easily integrated with existing processes & tools. This enables multiple disciplines to leverage powerful and integrated specialist applications across all phases of the product development process.

CATIA’s Design, Engineering and Systems Engineering applications are the heart of Industry Solution Experiences from Dassault Systèmes to address specific industry needs. This revolutionizes the way organizations conceive, develop and realize new products, delivering competitive edge through innovative customer experiences.

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发布日期: 2019-06-04