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Learn SQL and Security(pen) testing from Scratch

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What makes this course special for beginners?

No more boring slides or definitions. The author writes every SQL query in the course of his lecture and teaches every topic you'll need to master SQL with practical examples. This tutorial will give you all you need to investigate and unlock security holes in web applications with a powerful penetration-testing approach.

This course covers:

•Introduction to SQL, and a MySQL overview

•Startup commands to set up database and tables

•Database testing to validate schemas

•Altering table schema operations

•Queries to retrieve logical data operators on queries

•Wildcard usage in queries

•SQL functions with real-time scenarios

•Importance of Group By in SQL

•Advanced SQL concepts

•Subquery syntax and usage

•Using SQL joins and their advantages

•Importance of views in databases

•SQL string functions

•Data constraints from a database testing perspective

•Practice exercises for interviews with solutions

•SQL glossary on topics discussed

Security Testing: Course Contents:

Basics of Security Testing—the terminologies involved in Security domain; top OWASP principles; cross-site scripting; XSS examples; cookies; caveats when stealing cookies; session hijacking; cross-site forgery; attack parameters; tampering; methods to Intercept requests; account management; password security guidelines; brute-force mechanism; and the importance of client-side validations.

All the code and supporting files for this course are available at -

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