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蛙小K Krog是一款地牢探索RPG游戏,跟随我们的英雄Krog,找寻他被绑架的神秘的城堡中的伙伴。探索奇怪的城堡,遇见勤劳的生物,击碎神圣法师军队的和不断增长的腐败藤蔓。

Conjured Graphics Krog 2.03 蛙小K Krog的图片1rGPDA has released “Conjured Graphics Krog” for Android. This game’s lush 3D graphics are designed for devices with a 1ghz CPU or faster. Krog is guaranteed fun and child friendly.


: Krog is a casual dungeon crawling fantasy RPG (role-playing game) that follows our hero into a mysterious castle in search of his kidnapped mate. Explore a strange castle, home to industrious creatures, an army of Censor mages, and a growing corruption. Play as Krog and chomp your enemies in this fun and casual adventure.

Conjured Graphics Krog 2.03 蛙小K Krog的图片2

Release Name

: Conjured.Graphics.Krog.2.03.ANDROiD-rGPDA


: 46.89 MB



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