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是一款全球最小的 PDF 阅读器。完全绿色,免安装,启动时间非常快!



CoolPDF 3.0 | 6.8 MB

CoolPDF is a fast, robust and affordable way to create professional quality PDF documents for both novice and pro. CoolPDF works as a printer driver on all operating systems, making PDF files of anything that can normally be printed.

CoolPDF is a very cost-effective solution for turning just about anything into a PDF. And the coolest thing about it is that it generates PDF documents extremely fast and works with almost all languages in the world.



• Up to 4000 dpi resolution

• Large paper size up to 14400 x 14400 points, 200 x 200 inch, 5080 x 5080 millimeters

• Making PDF files of anything that can normally be printed

• Run on Microsoft Windows 98,98SE,ME,NT4,2000,XP,2003, Vista, 2008, and Windows 8, 7

• Color printing and publishing

• Live hyperlink support

• PDF creation is as simple as selecting the 'print' command from any application

• PDF content protection with user password, user password

• Secure PDF documents from being modified, copied, converted, printed, signed, and assembled

• Speedy processing and fast conversion

• A variety of paper sizes and custom paper size

• PDF document properties, including title, subject, keyword, author, producer and creator.

• PDF compatibility option for Abode PDF format

• Automatic font embedding into PDF documents

• Quality control for output such as Default, Screen, eBook, Print, Prepress optimization.

• PDF compression, optimization

• Tested with 1200+ Windows applications

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发布日期: 2013-06-07