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FactoryTalk View Studio 是用于开发或测试机器级或者监控管理级人机交互界面(HMI)应用项目的组态软件。FactoryTalk View Studio包含用于创建完整人机交互界面项目的编辑器,还包含用于测试应用项目的软件。使用该编辑器可以创建所需的任何简单或者复杂的应用项目。

FactoryTalk View Studio 2019 version 11.00 | 3.2 Gb

Rockwell Automation has released FactoryTalk View Studio 2019 version 11.0, the latest release configuration software for developing and testing HMI applications.

With FactoryTalk View software,

you can get a clear consistent story from the standalone machine level HMI to distributed visualization solutions covering your entire enterprise. A single software package covers HMI challenges in process, batch and discrete application. Clear displays and a common programming language, including a huge library of faceplates, help confirm that you get the best possible perspectives of your machine performance. With users at multiple levels in your organization all seeing the same views of the machines, you speed up the ability to manage production…which is a story you can all get behind.

FactoryTalk View Studio

is the configuration software for developing and testing FactoryTalk View Site Edition (also called FactoryTalk View SE) applications.FactoryTalk View Studio contains editors for creating complete applications, and contains software for testing the applications you create. Use the editors to create applications that are as simple or as complex as you need.You can also use FactoryTalk View Studio to set up FactoryTalk Security services for the applications you develop.

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FactoryTalk View Studio


2019 version 11.00.00 Build CPR 9 SR 11

Supported Architectures:

32bit / 64bit



System Requirements:

PC *

Supported Operating Systems:



3.2 Gb

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发布日期: 2020-03-05