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Created by: Akash Raj

Industrial CATIA V5 R20 learning program:- Enroll and learn the full deep advanced version of the course from scratch

What you'll learn

Know the complete details of 2d and 3d modelling

Complete making of part modelling

All features and applications in part modelling

Surface designing

Sheet metal designing

Wireframe designing


Orthographic Projections and Isometric Projections

1st angle and 3rd angle projection

Complete understanding of CATIA V5


basic 2d and 3d drawing would be better if you know else i'll be teaching that too

Interest in machine design

Your enthusiasm


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Many EXTRA practice sets ONLY for the students who enrolled via the above link

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CATIA (Computer Aided Three-Dimensional Interactive Application) is a professional CAD / CAM-based software produced by the French company Dassault Systèmes. Especially the automotive sector, aircraft production and other simulation sectors that can respond to the needs of the program is used more often and every sector is appealing to cutting.

Leading PLM solutions for collaboration-based product development (Product Life Cycle). Almost all automotive industry in the world is using computer aided design and manufacturing. Catia ensures that the products that are to be produced can be processed in the virtual environment during the production process. After a product is designed by the designer in the Catia program, the ergonomist explores the ergonomics of the design. In the next stage, the engineers perform all kinds of calculations of strength of the designed part, molding and final shape forming. Then comes the work towards production. Finally, how the piece will be manufactured is calculated and the piece is manufactured in the virtual environment. After making all kinds of surface analyzes during manufacturing, the piece goes into real production. To summarize, Catia; is a computer software that makes both design, analysis and manufacture of all products for industrial purposes extremely fast, easy and reliable.

This is a streamlined course to take you from knowing nothing about CATIA V5 to give you all the knowledge and skills needed to become a certified CATIA Associate. This course should enable you to, with confidence, use CATIA to design your next innovation. After this course, you can proudly list your CATIA skills in your resume.

THIS COURSE IS NOT A SHORTCUT TO GET THE CERTIFICATE. We are following a learn-by-doing approach for you to truly master all the skills needed for the certification test. Also too many practice sets are uploaded as lectures, that makes you to practice endlessly and also can have discussions on it in discussion forum page.

CATIA is increasingly chosen as the primary 3D design system for many companies, the worldwide demand for CATIA designers is difficult to meet. When you learn to use CATIA you also learn to work with leading-edge technology and play an important role in innovation. You get to put your imagination to work at full-speed because with CATIA there are no boundaries.

Once you know how to use CATIA, you are equipped with the most versatile design tool that’s applied in a multitude of industries. You will know how to design from scratch or reuse the working knowledge available from previous designs.

Position yourself for the employment you want.

You will learn:

How to navigate through CATIA interface.

How to sketch with different sketch commands.

How to define sketches using relations or distances.

How to use more than 10 different features to create 3D models.

How to create additional reference planes.

How to modify given parts to match design needs.

How to explore different materials for your models.

How to find your model's mass, volume, and center of gravity.

How to assemble different parts into an assembly file.

How to generate drawings from parts and models.

How to interpret different drawing annotations.

How to tackle any 2-D drawing and develop into 3D models.

how to well develop part models with ease.

how to furnish surface modelling and interpretation of it.

how to use the feature of GSD to create the surface based design.

Drafting terminology and its functionality in details.

industrial application and its drawing and machining

etc etc ..

This videos and lectures will be too helpful to all the people who want to develop something related to designing want to make your imagination word and to develop and analyze it carefully. Also Learning this course will also let you get into a good industry with great job offers very quickly.

Any problems related to the course will be solved at earliest.

The lectures uploaded is just 50% and more lectures are yet to be uploaded each month (section wise) for making each candidates for learning courses step by step. So you would be learning full Catia here in this course (industry level).

Also request you to please provide us with good rating so that we can be influenced to prepare more good lectures and upload the same.

About this course:

With this course, you will get:

Full, free lifetime access to 180 lectures (increasing over time).

All future extra lectures and upgrades will always be free.

Unconditional Udemy 30 days money back guarantee - We are sure you would love the course though 🙂

Regular free bonuses additions to increase your knowledge. - lots of fun topics!

Today, you can start your journey to becoming a CATIA professional with ZERO prior experience!

I stress that you need no prior experience and there is nothing to buy or pay for!!! You will only need CATIA itself.

Why our course?!

We are following the learning by doing approach which is proven the best for learning software like CATIA ..

We have enlarged the interface icons in our screen casts to make our videos more eye-friendly. We even enlarged the mouse cursor!!

Each successive videos will develop your CATIA skills in systematic order which will be helpful to understand.

We made our videos short and concentrated in one or few aspects to make them easier for reference. We also designed each lecture to be a stand-alone lecture.

Our lectures will not only guide you about the basic of CATIA but will also lead towards high level machine drawing as well when you will be about to complete the course.

Happy learning

HAPPY CATIAing....Lets start learning!!

Who this course is for:

Mechanical engineers

Candidates passionate about designing and automation

Automotive Engineers

Industrial applicants

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