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Xara Photo & Graphic Designer:这款软件能够生产各种高质量插图和多页桌面PDF文件,软件不仅支持从炫耀动画完成网页的布局,还能标识贺卡和邀请非常详细的插图,同时帮助你找到一个详细描述每个工具,画廊,菜单,和控制器。您也可以点击搜索索引页面为一个特定的关键字。

Windows x64 | File size: 191.59 MB

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer - Simply better images! Detailed photo editing, creative drawing and professional design: Realize all your ideas with Xara Photo & Graphic Designer! From photo collages to print documents and digital art works: Get impressive results fast!

Graphic design

Combine text with graphics and images to create your own designs for invitations, posters, or social media posts. Design your projects elegantly with the new text functions in Xara Photo & Graphic Designer.

Vector-based graphic design

Create vector shapes and texts that you can combine to create designs for invitations, flyers and logos. This makes it possible to export in any size without loss of quality............

Create your own shortcuts

Quickly open tools and functions using fast shortcuts, making work easier and more efficient.

Release Notes

System Requirements:

- You need a 64-bit version for the following operating systems:

- Windows 10, Windows 8

- Processor: 700 MHz RAM: 512 MB

- Graphics card: Onboard, minimum resolution 1280 x 600

- Hard drive space: 300 MB for program installation

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发布日期: 2020-11-11