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Keysight IC-CAP 2020 器件建模软件


是进行直流和射频半导体器件建模的工业标准。IC-CAP 能够从高速/数字、模拟和功率射频应用软件中提取出精确而紧凑的模型。当前,大多数领先的半导体制造商和集成器件制造商(IDM)都是采用 IC-CAP 对芯片 CMOS、Bipolar、混合砷化镓(GaAs)、氮化镓(GaN)以及其他器件技术进行建模。IC-CAP 是一种非常先进的可定制建模软件,其中包括测量、仿真、优化和统计分析等工具。

IC-CAP 的主要优势


针对工业标准 CMOS 模型(例如 BSIM3/BSIM4、PSP 和 HiSIM)的成套提取解决方案,可显著缩短学习过程,提高模型精度


File size: 1.13 GB

IC-CAP (Integrated Circuit Characterization and Analysis Program) is the industry standard software for DC, analog and RF semiconductor device characterization and modeling.

IC-CAP extracts accurate compact models for use in high speed/digital, analog, power electronics and power RF applications. IC-CAP offers device engineers and designers a state of-the-art modeling tool that fills numerous modeling needs, including automated instrument control, data acquisition, parameter extraction, graphical analysis, simulation, optimization, and statistical analysis. All of these capabilities are combined in a flexible, automated and intuitive software environment for efficient and accurate extraction of active, passive and user-defined devices and circuits. Today’s most advanced semiconductor foundries and Integrated Device Manufacturers (IDMs) rely on IC-CAP for modeling silicon CMOS, Bipolar, compound gallium arsenide (GaAs), gallium nitride (GaN), and many other device technologies.

Features At a Glance

– Open software architecture enables you to achieve maximum accuracy by integrating your own modeling expertise and methodologies, and provides ultimate flexibility to create and automate measurement, extraction and verification procedures.

– Turnkey extraction solutions for industry standard CMOS models, such as BSIM3/BSIM4, PSP, HiSIM, and HiSIM_HV minimize the learning curve and maximize model accuracy.

– Unique nonlinear high-frequency modeling with Keysight DynaFET, NeuroFET, Root models, high frequency BJT, MESFET, PHEMT, and state-of-the-art Verilog-A models.

– Direct links to most commercial simulators (e.g., ADS, HSPICE, Spectre, and ELDO) ensure consistency between extracted models and the simulators used by circuit designers.

– The most advanced and complete on-wafer automated measurement and characterization environment with IC-CAP Wafer Professional (WaferPro).

– Powerful data handling capabilities.

– IC-CAP Power Electronics Model Generator enables the extraction of SiC, GaN and IGBT power devices and works in conjunction with Keysight PD1000A Measurement System for Advanced Modeling

Extracting Models with IC-CAP

A typical modeling procedure involves selecting a model based on the device technology and its final circuit application (e.g., DC, high frequency or both), making the necessary measurements to characterize a device or a set of devices, and then finally applying an extraction algorithm to calculate the model parameters. This last step is achieved by either calculating the parameters using built-in or custom model equations from measured data, or by tuning or optimization techniques.

IC-CAP provides the platform and tools engineers need to develop their own extraction methodologies. Turnkey modeling extraction packages for users who need to be up and running by day one are provided by both Keysight and third-party vendors.

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发布日期: 2020-04-11