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Adams 2020正式发布!


作为世界上使用最广泛的多体动力学(MBD)软件,Adams 可帮助工程师研究运动部件的动力学特性以及在整个机械系统内部荷载和作用力的分布情况。



作为世界上使用最广泛的多体动力学(MBD)软件,用过ADAMS尽早进行系统级设计验证,可以提升工程效率、降低产品开发成本。工程师可评估并管理包括运动、结构、驱动和控制在内的各学科之间复杂相互作用,以便更好地优化产品设计的性能、安全性和舒适度。凭借广泛的分析能力,Adams 可充分利用高性能计算环境对大型问题进行优化。

利用多体动力学求解技术,Adams 仅用 FEA 求解所需的小部分时间便可完成非线性动力学的运行。通过更准确地评估载荷和作用力在各种运动及工作环境中的变化,Adams 仿真所计算的载荷和作用力改进了 FEA 的精度。

MSC Adams 2020 | 1.6 Gb

MSC.Software, a leading global provider of engineering simulation software and services, announced that a new version of Adams is released. Enhancements included in this release provide major performance improvements in both modeling and analysis that make it practical for customers to solve larger and more realistic multidiscipline analysis of mechanical systems.

MSC.Adams and MD Adams are the world’s most widely used and trusted solutions for real dynamics of engineered systems in automotive, aerospace, defense, medical, wind energy, packaged goods, and many other industries. Improving upon this best-in-category foundation, MSC.Software has further implemented a modernized C++ solver, improved memory utilization, and enhanced integration with finite element analysis (FEA). These enhancements have proven to deliver speed improvements of up to 95% reading results from large models, and as much as a 53% improvement in CPU performance in running analysis on these same models. Solving real multidiscipline problems using flexible bodies from FEA has shown in some cases to deliver an astonishing 700% speedup relative to the previous release.

This release features several enhancements to Adams 2020.

Here are some of the key highlights and the associated user benefits.

Adams View Temporary Settings

- Temporary settings is a new capability to apply temporary settings to a single simulation run

- Using the temporary settings feature you can now experiment with model settings while maintaining an audit trail.

Adams View UDE authoring

- Adams 2020 includes user-friendly functionality that leverages the existing UDE capabilities to create repeatable sub-models

- You can now create higher order objects and include multiple instances of these objects in Adams using the GUI and without the need for additional scripting and coding

Adams Car FMU bushing

- Adams 2020 includes the ability to include external high-fidelity bushings representations in an Adams model

- You are no longer restricted to the idealized bushings representations in Adams Car

- You now have the ability to bring in external high-fidelity bushings representations as black box models that protect any proprietary information using the FMI interface

Solver Contact Performance

- Performance improvements in contact modeling especially with flex bodies

- You will see significantly more simulation throughput while running models with flex body contact


MSC Adams



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1.6 Gb

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发布日期: 2020-05-04