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Groove3 - StudioLive AI Explained (2014)

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Genre: Video Training

PreSonus has done it again with their incredible line of digital mixers! StudioLive AI is the cutting edge of digital mixer technology, and William Edstrom Jr. covers them in full detail, inside and out. If you use these powerhouse mixers, learn to get the most from them as well as an enhanced workflow for increased creativity and speed. In this series, William shows you how to use your StudioLive AI as a stand-alone mixer, mixing for the audience and the stage. To begin, William introduces you to the StudioLive AI mixer and what the series will cover. Then the important basics are shown such as powering up, zero'ing the board, and getting signal from input to output. Next, William explains how to stereo link channels, use the on-board metering, solo-in-place, connecting and mixing the stage monitors, using the talkback feature, scribble strips and more. The powerful channel strip processor "Fat Channel" is then examined in great detail, showing you how to use all of its features and functions. Gating, Compression, Expanding, Limiting, EQ, and Polarity are all shown on the StudioLive AI, giving you the tools needed to craft the perfect mix.

Recalling and saving channel presets is demonstrated, as well as using and tweaking the onboard digital effects like reverb and delay. You'll also see how to add effects to the monitor buss and use external effects with the StudioLive AI. William even shows you how to setup remote room levels and delay individual speakers, and gives a comprehensive look into the Master section of the board, saving and recalling scenes, Radio Solo Mode, using the graphic EQ and much, much more.

If you're ready to get into the world of digital mixing with the PreSonus Studio Live AI, this will be your number one, go to resource. Supercharge your knowledge and StudioLive AI experience... Watch "StudioLive AI Explained" today.

01 Introduction

02 Input to Output

03 StudioLive Overview

04 Input Channels

05 Stereo Linking Channels

06 Metering Explained

07 Solo-in-Place

08 Headphones and Soloing

09 Mixing Stage Monitors

10 Mixing Monitors in Stereo

11 Using Talkback

12 2-Track In

13 Scribble Strips

14 Introducing the Fat Channels

15 Polarity

16 Hi Pass Filter

17 Gate

18 Expander

19 Key Listen

20 Gate Sidechaining

21 Compressor

22 Limiter

23 Equalizer

24 16AI Fat Channel

25 Copying Settings

26 Recalling and Saving Channels

27 Using Digital Effects

28 Tweaking Reverb FX

29 Tweaking Delay FX

30 Saving FX Presets

31 Adding FX to Monitor Mixes

32 Using External Effects

33 Submixing

34 Stereo Submixing

35 Configuring an FX Submix

36 Parallel Compression

37 Remote Room Levels

38 Delayed Speakers

39 System Menu

40 Saving and Recalling Scenes

41 Control Room Monitoring

42 Radio Solo Mode

43 Graphic EQ

44 Firmware Update

45 Mute Groups

46 Mix Scenes

47 Clip Indicators

Groove3 – StudioLive AI Explained (2014)的图片2

发布日期: 2014-02-22