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Team DECiBEL | 11 Aug 2020 | 960.5MB

'V O E - Electric Tension' by Black Octopus Sound is the ultimate vocal pack for bass music from none other than V O E!

V O E are one of the leading names in the bass music scene. Comprised of two heavy hitters, Adelaide artists Tevlo and CARZi joined forces for their mutual love for Drum & Bass and thus V O E was born.

Skip forward to today and we now get to have a taste of their all original vocal style in our own production. 'V O E - Electric Tension' is a must-have pack for adding the rich and dynamic vocal work heard in V O E's music. It's a style that allows you to lose yourself in the music, and now, you can lose yourself even more in your own production by adding these top notch vocal lines and words!

Inside this professionally crafted pack you will find 11 full song acapellas, all with wet and dry as well as both male and female versions. Alongside the full songs verses and chorus acapellas are laughs and giggles, synth chords, and spoken words. This gives you many angles of attack on your new song! Another great example of V O E's various degrees of style is that the BPM ranges from 128 to 175, so loads of styles of electronic music will find use with this pack!

Product Details:

- 307 Total Stems

- 10 Synth Chords

- 26 Laughs

- 49 Spoken Words

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发布日期: 2020-08-11