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SMS Deliverer是一种廉价和非常有效的短信群发软件,支持各类电话和调制解调器。它允许你通过计算机发送短信群发消息。关键字分析功能设置短信交付在竞争中脱颖而出。从你的客户分析接收到的SMS回复和扫描他们的关键字,最终提供了宝贵的市场信息。此功能SMS调查工具是非常有用的。

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SMS Deliverer Enterprise is a powerful application designed to help you send short text messages to a large number of phone numbers. It will save all sent and received SMS then you can get valuable information by analyze them. It is useful to anyone who wants to do questionnaire survey and product promotion through SMS. With SMS Deliverer you can promote your product or service and it is important that you can know which product or service is the most popular. SMS Deliverer will analysis replied SMS from customers and generates report to show which keywords are popular. Faultless reports and scheduled SMS function will help you to adjust the marketing strategy and extend your market quickly.

OS :

Windows XP, windows 2000, Vista, windows 7


: English

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