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是一个文件加密程序,旨在使文件加密速度快,容易,而在这样的方式,其实隐藏或开放的信息将是不可见的或明显的。两个规则被遵照执行。第一 - 加密文件看起来仿佛什么都没有发生在他们身上,文件日期和时间保持不变,文件图标也将被保留在大多数情况下。只有芝麻窗口用户可能会看到一个挂着挂锁图标的图片上的那些文件是加密的。第二个是,如果你选择,你甚至可能会启动程序用的密钥组合,而不是使用桌面快捷方式或开始菜单项。至于与其他加密经理,你可以发送加密文件,通过e-mail,或者他们以任何其他方式传送,但只有一个人谁拥有芝麻程序,并知道密码,可以将它们恢复到初始状态。

Sesame is a file encryption program, designed to make file encryption fast and easy, and in such manner, that the fact of hiding or opening the information would not be visible or obvious.

Two rules were followed and implemented. First - the encrypted files look as if nothing happened to them, file date and time are left unchanged, file icon is also preserved in most cases. Only from Sesame window user may see a hanging padlock picture on icons of those files that were encrypted. And second is, that if you choose, you may even start the program with a secret keys combination, instead of using a desktop shortcut or start menu item. As with other encryption managers, you may send encrypted files by e-mail, or transfer them by any other means, but only a person who has the Sesame program and knows a password can restore them to initial state.

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