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FtpScripter是一个FTP/ S(支持隐式和显式SSL)和SFTP客户端,从底层向上设计为无人值守和自动化文件传输任务。没有拖放图形用户界面,但功能强大,功能丰富的脚本环境,可以让你使用你最喜欢的面向对象的语言轻松构建安全的文件传输任务,并在稍后的时间,在任何电脑上运行它们,交互式或通过您的操作系统的调度。


- 协议:FTP,FTPS(隐式和显式),SFTP

- 脚本可以以交互方式运行(双击)或计划在无人值守的情况下运行

- 强大的编辑器,语法高亮,代码自动完成建议

源代码和编译脚本 - 运行,以防止篡改

- 强大的压缩文件的方法,发送电子邮件,PKI认证,等等,用一个单一的代码行!

- 开发脚本,在4个现代化的,面向对象的脚本语言:JavaScript中,C++,Pascal的基本

- 支持所有的Windows平台,从Windows XP通过Windows8(包括32位和64位)

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FtpScripter Pro | 11.1 MB

FtpScripter is a FTP/S (with support for implicit and explicit SSL) and SFTP client, designed from the ground up for your unattended and automated file transfer tasks. No drag'n'drop GUI, but a powerful and feature-rich scriptable environment that allows you to use your favorite object-oriented language to easily built your secure file transfer tasks, and run them at a later time, on any computer, interactively or via your OS scheduler.


- Protocols: FTP, FTPS (implicit and explicit), SFTP

- Scripts can be run interactively (double-click) or scheduled to run unattended

- Powerful editor with syntax highlighting, and code completion proposal

- Run source-code as well as compiled scripts to prevent tampering

- Powerful methods to zip files, send emails, PKI authentication, and much more, with a single line of code!

- Develop scripts in 4 modern, object-oriented scripting languages: JavaScript, C++, Pascal, Basic

- Supports all Windows platforms, from Windows XP through Windows 8 (both 32 and 64 bit)

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发布日期: 2013-06-19