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Dosch Design _ 3D : Industrial Buildings

max | 3D models | 1.61 GB

25 very detailed 3D-models from a diverse industrial building-type range. Included are factories, harbour facilities, airport, multi-storey car park, oil refinery and more.

All elements of buildings -incl. their surfaces- are customizable. Thus, the creation of variations is easy and quick.

Dosch 3D: Industrial Buildings significantly improves and speeds up building urban scene visualizations for architects, city developers, contractors, craftsmen, design offices, and cityscape visualization.

The 3D-models are provided in the formats 3DS, 3dsmax (version 8 and higher), Cinema4D (version 8 and higher), Maya (version 4 and higher), Lightwave (Version 6 and higher), Softimage XSI, OBJ and VRML.

发布日期: 2014-04-22