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Premiere Elements - a program for nonlinear editing entry-level, which combines high-quality controls the creative process and reliable tools for editing video taken with a digital camera.


Premiere Elements allows a home to create videos of high level. The program provides an opportunity to use special effects, titles and sound of Dolby Digital.

Adobe Premiere Elements 11 helps you turn your memories into memorable movies that you'll be proud to display. Take advantage of automated features to create great movies with less effort, and then shows them on almost any device.

The main advantages of Adobe Premiere Elements 11

- Combining all videos and photos

Easily and simply import video clips and photos with smart convenient place to work with multimedia.

- Quick search for the right video

Use the smart search capabilities to quickly find the videos.

- Application of intelligent features mounting

Use a variety of automated editing capabilities that allow you to easily create great movies.

- The convenience and ease of installation

Spend less on making films because of the time editing tools with the use of drag and drop, preview in real time and other features.

- Addition of television effects and transitions

Achieve professional results with animated graphics, effects, animation and other features.

- Improved sound

Make the sound of your movies with perfect soundtracks, sound effects, narration behind the scenes and other features.

- Add professional menus and text

Emphasize the perfect style of his work by adding your own disc menu, animated titles and graceful capital credits.

- Universal publication of

By creating your movie, you can quickly demonstrate it in various ways, including on discs, mobile devices, TVs with support for HD, on YouTube, Facebook or in a convenient format Web-DVD.

System requirements:

- CPU with a clock speed of 2 GHz, with support for SSE2; editing video in HDV or AVCHD format and export to Blu-ray or AVCHD need dual-core processor

- Microsoft Windows XP SP2, Windows Media Center, Windows Vista (all applications are running in native mode on 32-bit operating systems and in compatibility mode with 32-bit OS to a 64-bit OS), Windows 7 or Windows 8 (Adobe Premiere Elements Editor running in native mode on 32 - and 64-bit OS and all other applications are running in native mode on 32-bit operating systems and in compatibility mode with 32-bit OS with 64-bit OS)

- 2 GB of RAM

- 4 GB of free hard disk space to install applications, an additional 5 GB to download content

- Graphics card with updated drivers

- Color monitor with video card that supports 16-bit color quality

- Screen resolution of 1024x768

- Audio driver and the display driver compatible with Microsoft DirectX 9 or 10

- DVD-drive (for DVD-burning to a compatible device, DVD-burning, to burn Blu-ray discs you need a compatible recorder drives Blu-ray)

- Interface DV / i.LINK / FireWire / IEEE 1394 interface to connect digital camcorders Digital 8 DV

- QuickTime 7 software

- Player Windows Media (required for import of Windows Media formats and export to these formats)

- To use the Web service requires an Internet connection