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Windows PowerShell Fundamentals

English | Oct 20, 2014 | ISBN-10: 0789754096 | mp4 | H264 1280x720 | AAC 2 ch | 2 hrs 10 min | 588 MB


7+ Hours of Video Instruction

Windows PowerShell Fundamentals LiveLessons provides a complete, hands-on video course in Windows PowerShell: master powerful techniques for automating even the most complex Microsoft administration tasks!


PowerShell evangelist Matt Griffin shows you exactly how to use Windows PowerShell to automate a wide variety of administrative tasks and operate your Microsoft infrastructure far more efficiently. You'll learn through self-paced, personal walkthroughs of every PowerShell skill you'll need: just click, watch, and discover how to use PowerShell's most powerful features. Griffin first introduces you to the PowerShell environment, illuminates basic concepts, and guides you through using built-in PowerShell commands to handle common tasks faster than you ever could with GUI tools. Next, learn how to perform even the most complex tasks by using the PowerShell Pipeline to run several commands at once. Griffin teaches you high-value techniques for formatting output, accessing detailed system information, using PowerShell with remote systems, creating scripts that run smoothly in diverse environments, and even using PowerShell's new Desired State Configuration extension. Everything's organized into bite-sized, self-contained sessions, so you can learn valuable skills in just five minutes–or even less!

About the Instructor

Matt Griffin is a Microsoft Certified Trainer, PowerShell Evangelist, and President of the Indianapolis PowerShell User Group. He speaks widely at user group events and conferences, including IndyPASS, VMware User Group, Indianapolis VMug Demo Days, and the PowerShell Summit. He also blogs about PowerShell scripts he has created to solve specific problems that clients have faced in administering their complex Windows environments.

Skill Level

• All Levels

What You Will Learn

• Working with the Windows PowerShell console, ISE, applications, and extensions

• Automating the management of services, processes, disks, volumes, roles, and Windows features

• Performing complex tasks by combining multiple commands through the Pipeline

• Accessing complex system information stored in the WMI repository

• Using PowerShell to manage remote systems

• Creating reusable scripts that run smoothly in diverse environments

• Creating a Desired State Configuration with PowerShell v4 or v5

Who Should Take This Course

• For all help desk technicians, server administrators, automation developers, and other IT professionals who need to improve their efficiency in operating Microsoft environments

Course Requirements

• Basic understanding of Windows Server administration

• No PowerShell or scripting experience needed

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