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PanoramaStudio Pro  | 21.6 MB

Creation of single- and multi-row panoramas of up to full spherical 360x180 degrees. PanoramaStudio Pro is the complete solution for the creation of panoramic images. Besides the easy and established creation of panoramas PanoramaStudio Pro offers now also the option to stitch arbitrary arranged images to panoramas. This allows huge panoramas, even beyond the gigapixel limit.


• Easy user interface, large work space with a 2D and 3D preview

• Automatic alignement of single- and multi-row panoramas of up to full spherical 360x180 degree panoramas

• Seamless blending into a panoramic image

• Manual postprocessing of all steps possible

• Automatic exposure correction

• Panoramas can be connected to virtual tours in Java and Flash using hotspots

• Filters for additional image editing


• Export your panoramas in various image formats, as screensavers and as interactive Java or Flash panoramas for websites

• Print panoramas in poster size on multiple pages

• Save panoramas as multi-layered image for professional post-processing

New in version 2

• A new render engine achieves an even higher quality for the panoramas

• An adaptive blending method

• A new exposure correction

• The camera database was again extended by another 200 new cameras and detects now automatically already about 1200 digital compact and SLR cameras

• Enhanced RAW import

• Many details improved...

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PanoramaStudio Pro 2.6.4

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发布日期: 2014-10-28