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EKPrint Studio 3.7.6 | 6.9 Mb

EKPrint Studio is a software package designed specifically for digital color textile printing. With transparency support, it provides the designer with ability to print vivid color on both light and dark color textile.

Product Summary

High speed textile printing

Open architecture for easy connection to different printers

Proprietary color matching for brilliant color

Transparency print support

Highlight adjustment

Easy to use user interface

Superfine mode to reduce banding artifact

Supports C88/WF7010/1100/T60/P50/R230/R800/R1290/R1390/R1400/R1800/R1900 based DTG printers

SupportsR2000/R2100/R2200/R2400/R2880/R3000/R3800/R3880/R4800/R4880/R7600/R7800/R7880/R9600/R9800/R9880 based DTG printers

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