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CFD++是Metacomp Technologies 公司的流体力学模拟软件。MetacompTechnologies 公司成立于1994 年12 月,总部位于美国的洛杉矶,拥有庞大的技术研发实力。


先进的算法 CFD++提供的Total Variation Diminishing(TVD)格式可以避免在计算过程中的假发散。不同的Riemann求解器保证计算的准确性。先进的收敛加速技术包括独特的预处理、松弛和多重网格等运算法则。

CFD++的LES-RANS方法中和 由于传统的大涡模拟需要的计算量大,并且在靠近壁面的地方求解不稳定,CFD++中采用了一种中和的办法。即根据当地的网格密度,计算方法在大涡模拟和传统的雷诺应力模型之间自动转换。下面的方块绕流就是利用这样的中和算法的一个算例。

网格方面 CFD++可以轻松的处理复杂的几何模型,能够计算结构、非结构和多块网格。CFD++同样可以处理复杂的重叠网格并修补坏网格。网格类型包括三维的六面体、四面体、棱锥、棱柱,二维的三角形、四边形和一维的线性网格.




version 14.1.1 | 2.4 Gb

Metacomp Technologies, a leading provider of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and other analytical software tools for major aerospace, defense, and automobile manufacturers as well as other companies that require complex modeling during research and development, has released an update for CFD++ version 14.1, is based on unified grid, unified physics and unified computing methodology in an advanced numerical discretization and solution framework.

CFD++ is very general but can be tailored for very specific application areas. It can be used to simulate compressible and incompressible fluids and flows, unsteady and steady flows, large range of speed regimes including low speeds through subsonic, transonic, supersonic and hypersonic speeds, laminar and turbulent flows, various equations of state (incompressible, barotropic, calorically perfect gases, real gas treatment, cubic equations of state, etc.), multiphase effects (dispersed, homogeneous, distinct), cavitation effects, various thermal effects including radiative energy transport, steady and moving objects (including rigid body dynamics), conjugate heat transfer capabilities.

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About Metacomp

Metacomp Technologies is at the cutting edge of technology in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Computational Aero-Acoustics, Mesh Generation and Electrostatic Paint Deposition, with its products in widespread global use. Founded in 1994, the key staff members at Metacomp Technologies are pioneers in the CFD field. Activities at Metacomp Technologies include research, software development, dissemination and support, consulting, education and application services.


Metacomp CFD

++ version


(64bit) 14.1.1





Windows XP / Vista / 7even / 8 / 8.1


2.4 Gb

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