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Circle Cardiovascular Imaging CVI42 v5.1.1 (x64) | 71 Mb

cvi42® is cardiovascular post-processing software for viewing and analyzing CMR and CCT images.

New Features & Benefits Overview

T1 Mapping

• Analysis of the following data sets is now available: Standard Inversion Recovery, MOLLI, ShMOLLI, SASHA, shMOLLI (Oxford) (not available in US) and TI scout.

• Time assessment of global and regional T1 are now available in native and post contrast sequences.

• T1 and R2 maps generated using native and post contrast images are now customizable.

• Allows for segmental analysis (polar maps with customizable segmentation) of cvi42 and/or scanner generated maps.

• There is now an option to set an endo and epicardial offset (%) to restrict regional analysis to a transmural range.

• Customizable DICOM color look-up tables are now available.

• Segmental (polar map) Lambda and ECV quantification

Vessel/MPR Modules

• New methods for drawing centerlines in multi-phase studies.

• For plaque and stenosis assessment in dynamic cine angiography, a Multiphase Centerline feature allows for the generation of centerlines for the same coronary artery in each independent phase.

• Alternatively the centerline of the current phase can be forwarded to the remaining phases.

• The Analyze tab for the Vessel module now contains a color legend to help classify the plaque results

• The Save Layout View feature offers a new option to export a custom sized image in MPR and Vessel modules.

• The MPR capture panel will now remain visible when switching to an enlarged single view.

Short 3D Module

A new automatic detection tool is now available for detecting RV Endocardial contours for current phase, slice and/or stack.

Perfusion Module

• The context menu in the rest/stress viewers now allow for the assignment of start and end- frames to adjust the analysis range of first-pass.

• The customized analysis ranges are now translated between the Edit Contours and Multiview tabs.

Series Overview

• Series descriptions are now visible in the thumbnail images

• The thumbnail context menu now has the ability to open the series in an associated module.

T2* Module

• Fitting options are now available in the graph context menu when they are hidden from the interface.

Context Menu

• A new command Show Sequence info has been added to the context menu

• Context menus have been simplified. The user may configure the context menus to use a simplified, compacted context menu, or a complete context menu at their desire.

Contour Correction Workflow Improvements

• Easily refinement of selected contours with just one click.

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发布日期: 2015-06-23