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EDA Tools 2010-2015 Collection | 42.4 Gb

Synopsys, Inc., a world leader in software and IP used in the design, verification and manufacture of electronic components and systems, presents EDA Tools 2010-2015 Collection is comprehensive portfolio of tools for digital and mixed-signal IC design, implementation, signoff, verification, test, and design for manufacturability (DFM).

Synopsys is a world leader in semiconductor design software, developing software and offering professional services that companies use to design SoCs and electronic systems. Synopsys full suite of best-in-class solutions enables designers to create and verify complex SoC designs from concept to silicon. Synopsys provides system-level to silicon-level verification, a complete front-to-back design and test environment, design reuse technology, and professional services to help its customers get their silicon working quickly and accurately. Synopsys also offers technology to address yield issues and manufacturing effects throughout the design cycle. Synopsys products improve its customers designs in virtually every metric, including performance, complexity, silicon area, cost, power consumption and time-to-market.


- Synopsys CX-CDS Link J-2014.09-SP2

- Synopsys CX-CDS Link K-2015.06- Synopsys Formality D-2010.03-SP5

- Synopsys Formality E-2010.12-SP3

- Synopsys Formality E-2010.12-SP5

- Synopsys Formality F-2011.09-SP3

- Synopsys Formality I-2013.12-SP4

- Synopsys Formality J-2014.09-SP4

- Synopsys Formality K-2015.06- Synopsys FineSim J-2013.12

- Synopsys FineSim J-2014.09

- Synopsys FineSim J-2015.06- Synopsys HSIM D-2010.03

- Synopsys HSIM D-2010.03-SP2

- Synopsys HSIM J-2014.09-SP5

- Synopsys HSIM K-2015.06- Synopsys hspice A-2007.12

- Synopsys hspice C-2009.09-SP1

- Synopsys hspice D-2010.03-SP1

- Synopsys hspice D-2010.03-SP2

- Synopsys hspice F-2011.09-SP1

- Synopsys hspice G-2012.06

- Synopsys hspice H-2013.03-SP1

- Synopsys hspice J-2014.09-SP2

- Synopsys hspice K-2015.06

- Synopsys ICC D-2010.03-SP5

- Synopsys ICC G-2012.06-SP5

- Synopsys ICC I-2013.12-SP4

- Synopsys ICC J-2014.09-SP3

- Synopsys ICC K-2015.06

- Synopsys installer 2.4

- Synopsys installer 2.7

- Synopsys installer 3.1

- Synopsys installer 3.2

- Synopsys scl 11.10

- Synopsys MW F-2011.09-SP4

- Synopsys MW G-2012.06

- Synopsys MW H-2013.03

- Synopsys MW I-2013.12

- Synopsys MW J-2014.09-SP5

- Synopsys MW K-2015.06

- Synopsys NS D-2010.03-SP2

- Synopsys NS E-2010.12

- Synopsys NS F-2011.09-SP1

- Synopsys PTS D-2010.06-SP3

- Synopsys PTS E-2010.12-SP3

- Synopsys PTS F-2011.06

- Synopsys PTS I-2013.12-SP3

- Synopsys PTS J-2014.06-SP3

- Synopsys PTS K-2015.06

- Synopsys starcc D-2010.06

- Synopsys starrc E-2010.12-SP3

- Synopsys starrc F-2011.06

- Synopsys starrc J-2014.06-SP3

- Synopsys starrc K-2015.06

- Synopsys syn D-2010.03-SP5

- Synopsys syn E-2010.12-SP3

- Synopsys syn H-2013.03-SP2

- Synopsys syn I-2013.12-SP4

- Synopsys syn J-2014.09-SP3

- Synopsys syn K-2015.06

- Synopsys tx H-2013.03-SP2

- Synopsys vcs E-2011.03

- Synopsys vcs J-2014.12-SP2

- Synopsys verdi I-2014.03-SP2

- Synopsys verdi J-2014.12-SP2

- Synopsys F-2011.09

- Synopsys H-2013.03-SP2

- Synopsys I-2013.12-SP2

- Synopsys J-2014.09

- Synopsys J-2014.09-SP4

- Synopsys K-2015.06

- Synopsys vcs-mx J-2014.12-SP1

- Synopsys nlint J-2014.12

- Synopsys Identify I-2013.09-SP1

- Synopsys laker 2015.03-1

- Synopsys laker-adp 2015.03

- Synopsys coretools I-2014.03

- Collection LicGens with Tutorials

About Synopsys

Synopsys, Inc. accelerates innovation in the global electronics market. As a leader in electronic design automation (EDA) and semiconductor IP, Synopsys delivers software, IP and services to help engineers address their design, verification, system and manufacturing challenges. Since 1986, engineers around the world have been using Synopsys technology to design and create billions of chips and systems.


Synopsys EDA Tools


2010-2015 Collection





Linux 64bit


42.4 Gb



发布日期: 2015-10-27