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WPF: Learn User Controls, Data Binding, Animations and MVVM

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Learn the basics about WPF app creation, such as XAML, C#, Data Binding, Animations, creating User Controls and MVVM.

The only Windows Presentation Foundation course in Udemy!

Make money creating desktop apps and User Controls!

Desktop apps are still a very important request from big companies, and in this course you will find what you need to start creating those companies' apps!

User Controls are also something valuable (see Telerik) for WPF (and Windows / Windows Phone) developers, they could be your clients as well!

This course walks you through the complete creation of a WPF app, which means that it covers every aspect needed for you to end up with a full app.

This course includes the very basics: what WPF is and getting things ready, this to make sure that you are set to create apps along with me.

This course includes the foundamentals of UI design, from defining elements, to stilish them. This is very important in your way to creating better UIs in a faster more efficient manner.

I included Data Binding inside this course, this way you will understand one of the key features of XAML, which helps you create more flexible-easier to mantain code. If you work in a team with designers, Data Binding will make them love you.

This course includes creating custom User Controls, for you (and designers in your team) to create UIs more precisely. This in particular could also be seen as a business itself (creating UserControls).

This course includes animations, this helps you as a developer, create stunning user experiences. Creating apps with great user expiriences makes your users happy, which leads to more users, which leads to more money.

This course now includes a very important chapter about the design pattern for XAML projects: MVVM, so you can create projects with efficient, ready-to-test, easy-to-mantain code.

Enrol in this course now, and you could be making more money out of desktop apps or User Controls as soon as next week.

WPF: Learn User Controls, Data Binding, Animations and MVVM的图片2

发布日期: 2015-12-20