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Owning Rails - Master the Rails Framework

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Genre: Development / Programming

Have you ever wondered how some programmers seem to know everything about Rails, but you feel you can't keep up with all the changes?

This class is not about making you learn by heart any of the Rails APIs. This class is about understanding how it works once and for all. This class is about OWNING the damn thing! Your friends will regard you with respect, your family will celebrate your birthday twice a year, your dog will clean the house and wash dishes, DHH will beg you for a retweet!

Jokes aside, Owning Rails has been running for more than two years and is still selling out in just a few days. Want to know why? Because it works!

Here's what you'll learn in this class:

* Understand the inner working of Rails by building a mini-version of Rails, from scratch.

* Should this go in the model, the view, the controller or in a helper? You'll know instantly where to put your code using the simple rules I teach in this class.

* Did you ever bang your head on a bug only to find out days later it was a Rails bug? I will teach you to read Rails code to discover bugs in minutes instead of days.

* You'll be able to use Rails undocumented features such as responders, custom validators and form builders by quickly skimming over its internal code.

* Never get stuck in the framework again. Make Rails do what you want by altering its internals.

* Write extremely concise and reusable Rails code by understanding all the features it offers.

* Understand the path of a request in Rails, how a view is rendered.

* And much more.

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发布日期: 2016-01-03