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DHI MIKE Urban 2014 SP3 | 4.2 Gb

MIKE Powered by DHI the part of DHI, the global organisation dedicated to solving challenges in water environments worldwide, has released update of DHI MIKE Urban 2014, is the only modelling software that covers all aspects of water, wastewater and storm-water modelling within one integrated GIS-based model framework.

For 25 years DHI has made the results of the latest science available to water professionals around the globe through its MIKE water modelling software and through the technical support, training and expert assistance that DHI offers its software users.

The MIKE product family is the only product suite that covers all aspects of water and environment, from source to tap and from mountain top to the ocean. Through close links to DHI’s research and consulting activities, MIKE products are always leading the way by using the latest science, and at the same time are flexible and efficient engineering tools.

Water modelling and GIS for cities

MIKE URBAN is the only modelling software that covers all aspects of water, wastewater and storm-water modelling within one integrated GIS-based model framework. The feature-rich GIS functionality is powered by ESRI’s ArcObjects components.

MIKE URBAN includes a wide selection of simulation engines including DHI-developed engines for rainfall-runoff, pipe flows and overland flows, water quality and sediment transport, as well as popular public domain engines such as SWMM and EPANET.

The 2D overland flow module provides an easy and flexible tool for computing and visualising the flows below and above ground in one fully integrated, dynamic simulation.

2D and 3D marine modelling

When it comes to modelling coasts and seas, MIKE 21 and MIKE 3 are the preferred tools of the leading consultants around the world. Together, the 2D and 3D packages cover virtually all physical and environmental aspects of marine modelling. They combine well-proven technology with modern, flexible mesh methods and efficient numerical solutions. The result is maximum flexibility, high productivity and full confidence in the results.

River and flood modelling

MIKE 11 is the benchmark product that all other river modelling packages are compared against. For real professional river modelling no other tool offers the flexibility or productivity of MIKE 11. And when your river modelling requires 2D, simply upgrade to MIKE FLOOD to get the best of both worlds – the speed of 1D combined with the details provided by 2D.

Groundwater and water resources modelling

When your groundwater modelling needs grow beyond the capabilities of MODFLOW, the MIKE family offers a choice between FEFLOW, which gives you more accurate representation of the geology through the use of flexible mesh modelling, and MIKE SHE, which gives you a unique integrated tool for surface water and groundwater plus a wide range of other processes.

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About DHI

DHI is a global and independent research and development organisation dedicated to improving knowledge, engineering practices and technology within the fields of water, environment and health. Within these fields DHI provides a range of consulting, research and policy services as well as leading technologies.




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4.2 gb

发布日期: 2016-01-05