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PDM Analysis SCORG 5.1 | 170.3 mb

PDM Analysis Ltd has released 5.1 version of SCORG is specialised software for the design and analysis of screw compressors, pumps and motors. It offers unique capability to evaluate the performance and operation of these machines by use of Computational Fluid Dynamics of Thermodynamic Multi Chamber Model. It is designed to minimise efforts and maximise efficiency of the design process by enabling geometry analysis, preliminary thermodynamic evaluation and grid generation of the large number of positive displacement rotary machines with multiple rotor arrangements.

The user friendly and easy to use Graphical User Interface (GUI) provides enjoyable working environment for users. Users can import existing geometry of the rotors from data point files obtained analytically, numerically, by measurement or from a CAD system. Rotors could be manipulated, scaled and modified. GUI is capable of presenting results graphically and textually.

SCORG generates numerical mesh and pre-processing scripts for direct link and easy connection with most of commercial CFD solvers and Engineering software including PumpLinx, Ansys CFX and StarCCM+.

Furthermore, SCORG allows geometric analysis of flow features and preliminary performance analysis using multi-domain chamber model. Thermodynamic results are used for initial conditions for CFD, Structural Analysis by Finite Element Methods (FEM) or Fluid solid interaction (FSI)

The new features of this release are:

- Comprehensive User Guide

- New Tutorial cases for use of SCORG with PumpLinx and ANSYS CFX

- Much improved GUI featuring:

User profile import and handling with auto hide and pop out modes for enhanced visibility

Zoom in and units change in graphical plots

Import and export functions for whole project and result files

Much improved speed of calculation and display of mesh in graphical windows

Shortcuts for most common geometry, thermodynamic and mesh generation functions

- Calculation of and Pre-processing in ANSYS CFX and PumpLinx for low pressure and high pressure ports and chambers

- Direct connection of generated mesh with PumpLinx and seamless transition from SCORGTM to PumpLinx

About PDM Analysis Ltd

PDM Analysis Ltd develops, markets and supports SCORG, unique software for the design and analysis of positive displacement screw compressors, pumps and motors. We are focused on supporting industry and academia with software tools and services for easy and accurate insight into performance and design of screw machines.

If screw compressors, pumps or motors are an important feature of your work, then we can help you to be the best in your marketplace


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170.3 mb