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Title: Uartsy – Creating Sci-Fi Worlds


The 5 most important lessons:

Rapidly create a scenic fiction environment using a variety of basic and advanced techniques in Photoshop.

Develop visually stunning space ships by adding and modifying detail.

How to add believable and compelling detail for an overall realistic look.

Paint stunning clouds, exhaust effects, and water to bring out the most in future paintings.

Fully understand the professional development process of creating an environment concept.

Course Outline

Project 1 :

Finding Reference and Creating a Mountain Scene

Begin building your world with reference

6 Lectures

Project 2 :

Creating and Detailing Spaceships

Unleash your creativity and create some interesting spaceships

5 Lectures

Project 3 :

Creating Believe-ability in Detail

Sell your painting by creating great detail

6 Lectures

Project 4 :

Finishing the Painting

Use these techniques to add an awesome finish to your piece.

7 Lectures