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Title: FXPHD – TCH101 Introduction to TouchDesigner


“TouchDesigner for Installations” will give you a strong foundation in using TouchDesigner for interactive and installation work as well as demonstrating useful tricks and best practices. The course will delve into broadly applicable topics, and demonstrate the specifics of how to make an interactive, projection-mapped installation with real-time graphics. Even if you’re not focused on specifically doing installation projects, this course will serve as a great foundation in getting you up to speed on using the application for other purposes.

You’ll learn how to use CHOPs for logic and to remap user inputs, how to use Python in TouchDesigner, how to create procedural and animated real-time graphics, and how to interactively control video playback. The course will show how to use TouchDesigner’s projection-mapping tools and handy tricks of the software. A basic familiarity with TouchDesigner is recommended.

Professor Mary Franck is a media artist and developer with over four years of experience in using TouchDesigner for production. She has done projection mapping, distributed rendering, large-scale AV shows, touchscreen applications, and installations for such notable companies as Obscura Digital, Bot&Dolly, and [namethemachine].