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Duration 8h 23m Project Files Included MP4

Title: Blender 101 – Blender 221: Hard Surface Modeling


This is a project-based course where we will create Captain America’s motorcycle from the 2011 movie, “Captain America: The First Avenger.” I have taken photographs of the motorcycle at the Harley-Davidson Museum for use as our reference images. You will not only be introduced to new modeling tools, but you will be shown the techniques and strategies needed to tackle a larger modeling project such as this. In the end we will add materials and textures, as well as light and render the iconic motorcycle.

01. Reference Images

02. Starting the Frame

03. Continuing the Frame

04. Assembling the Frame

05. Finishing the Frame

06. Building the Rear Brace

07. Starting the Tires

08. Modeling the Front Fender

09. Creating the Rear Fender

10. Modeling the Gas Tank

11. Creating the Seat

12. Building the Front Fork

13. Using Paths for the Handle Bars

14. Modeling the Rear Cannisters

15. Creating the Flame Thrower

16. Modeling the Rear Lights

17. Building the Rear Rack

18. Using Booleans to Finish the Rack

19. Beginning the Engine

20. Circular Extrusions from Square Polygons

21. Continuing the Engine

22. Modeling the Engine Heads

23. Creating Tubes with Paths

24. Adding Details to the Engine

25. Modeling the Rocker Covers

26. Using Groups in Blender

27. Modeling the Exhaust Pipes

28. Finishing the Exhaust Pipes

29. Building out the Engine

30. Using the Bevel Tool

31. Building Complex Shapes

32. The Solidify Modifier and Booleans

33. Adding Details to the Left Side

34. Connecting Objects with the Path Tool

35. Beginning the Transmission Cover

36. Continuing the Transmission

37. Using Booleans to Finish the Transmission

38. Adding Detail with Paths and Solidify

39. Adding Geometry to Paths

40. More Tubes with Paths

41. Modeling the Headlight

42. Creating Coils and Springs

43. Using the Array Modifier for Spokes

44. Creating Tire Treads

45. Sculpting the Leather Saddlebag

46. Creating Base Materials

47. Adding Multiple Materials per Object

48. UV Mapping

49. Adding Image Textures

50. Finishing the Textures

发布日期: 2017-04-09