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超越了简单的TEXT 模块。

投影/包裹功能CATIA V5用户能够直接受益于TYPE3 CAAV5投影和包裹功能所带来的便捷,直接应用于文字,logo,符号,数字等等。


扫描矢量化功能根据TYPE3 CAAV5文本模块,我们推荐扫描/矢量化功能。

完整的菜单栏包含所有需要的功能,CATIA V5扫描和矢量化图片。




强大的文本功能TYPE3 CAAV5 (又称CATIATYPE) 是由全球雕刻领域的引领者GRAVOTECH 自主开发完成的一款软件。

而TYPE3CAAV5 中的文本模块则运用了法国TYPE3 的技术, TYPE3 在CAD/CAM 软件的文本创建及字体研发方面已有超过26 年的丰富经验,并在全球拥有超过60000 的用户。

用户能在使用CATIA V5 过程中受益于这种独特的文本创建技术。

文本模块提供了一个独立的窗口界面包含了所有和创建文本有关的参数设置,用户能够获得他们所想要的文本效果,并能够受益于文本参数和CATIAV5 的关联性。

Type3 CAA V5 Based 2017 version 5.5 | 1.9 GbVision Numeric SA, the world leading typographic CAD/CAM vendor, has released Type3 CAA V5 Based 2017 (version 5.50 Build B 17082), is focused on providing design engineers with access to a specific range of tools to enrich directly in CATIA industrial parts with logo designs, texts, serial numbers, legal mentions, etc…Vision numeric integrates typographic art into CATIA V5, thus allowing industrial parts to serve as communications tools.

Developed in close partnership with Dassault, Type3 Graphic, Type3 Graphic & Wrap and Type3 Gateway CAAV5 Based are based on Dassault Systems’ CATIVA V5 architecture.

They offer CATIA V5 users integral access to Type3 and allow the inclusion of typographic art earlier in the product life cycle.

Thanks to these products, engineers and design specialists using CATIA V5 have direct access to a special set of tools that allows them to enhance industrial parts with logos, artistic text, serial numbers, legal text and more.

The engraving and branding of industrial pieces has become a strong trend.

These new functions ensure strict adherence to the graphical standards throughout the entire process – from the design studio to the workshop.

The integration of engraving and decoration in the design process allows users to benefit from immediate productivity gains.

The Type3 CATIA V5 Based product family includes:- Type3 Graphic, which gives CATIA V5 users access to professional typographic and logo application functions, along with the use of a scanner run directly by CATIA V5.

Users can vectorize an imported model in order to get the exact contours of the original model or design.

- Type3 Graphic & Wrap allows CATIA V5 users to project or wrap text and designs onto a 3D form.

- Type3 Gateway provides the copy/paste function, allowing the transfer of information between CATIA V5 and Type3.

About Type3Type3 was created in 1988.

Destined from the start to make parts communicate through engraving, sculpting, cutting and texturing, the Type3 solutions concept evolved over time to now include modeling and designing.

Product:Type3 CAA V5 BasedVersion:2017Supported Architectures:x64Language:multilanguageSystem Requirements:PCSupported Operating Systems:Windows XP / Vista / 7even / 8.x / 10Software Prerequisites:DS CATIA V5R18-R26Size:1.9 Gb

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