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IAR Embedded Workbench for STM8 version 3.10.1 | 323.1 mb

IAR Systems has released 3.10.1 version of its world-leading development tools for STMicroelectronics' STM8. In this release adds updated IDE look and feel, extended functionality in C-STAT and support for new devices.

IAR Embedded Workbench with its optimizing C/C++ compiler provides full support for devices in the STM8A, STM8L, and STM8S series and generates very compact and efficient code.

STM8 microcontrollers are used in industrial and consumer applications, automotive applications, and in various applications where ultra-low power consumption is essential. The STM8 microcontroller platform is implemented around a high-performance 8-bit core and an advanced set of peripherals. The platform is manufactured using an ST-proprietary 130 nm embedded non-volatile memory technology.

Full support for STM8 microcontrollers is offered by IAR Embedded Workbench. The complete set of embedded development tools includes the highly optimizing IAR C/C++ Compiler and the comprehensive C-SPY Debugger. Now added are new C-SPY windows that simplify the management of macros. C-SPY macros can be used to automate debugging and verification tasks, and also to perform a wide variety of other tasks such as hardware configuration, simulation of peripheral drivers and feeding of the application with simulated data during runtime. Also new in C-SPY is functionality for saving watch window content and added features for developers working with the ST-LINK or STice emulators.

The high-performance build tools in IAR Embedded Workbench for STM8 feature sophisticated code optimizations operating on multiple levels and creating the most compact code in the industry. By making use of the now introduced possibility of selecting smaller math functions, developers can squeeze their code even further.

Release notes for IAR Embedded Workbench for STMicroelectronics STM8 version 3.10.1


- Updated IDE look and feel

The IDE has a new graphical profile, enhancements to window management and docking, customizable toolbars, a revised Information Center, and new tutorials.

- Extended functionality in C-STAT

The static analysis tool C-STAT has been extended with approximately 150 new checks including 90 new MISRA C:2012 checks and two new packages of checks. There are also new options to enable or disable the false positives elimination phase of the analysis and to exclude files from the analysis. C-STAT message suppression can now be controlled by directives placed in comments in the source files. See the release notes for the compiler for more information.

- Added support for new devices

Complete device support for the following new devices:







- It is now possible to set option bytes from your source code. See the C-SPY Debugging Guide for more information.

- The debugger can now attach to a running target. This feature is available from the Project menu.

Updated user documentation

- The IDE Project Management and Building Guide and the C-SPY Debugging Guide have been updated to reflect the product changes.

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About IAR Systems

IAR Systems provides developers of embedded systems with world-leading software tools for developing competitive products based on 8-, 16-, and 32-bit processors. Established in Sweden in 1983, the company has over 46,000 customers globally, mainly in the areas of industrial automation, medical devices, consumer electronics, telecommunication, and automotive products. IAR Systems has an extensive network of partners and cooperates with the world’s leading semiconductor vendors. IAR Systems Group AB is listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm.


IAR Embedded Workbench for STM8



Supported Architectures:

32bit / 64bit

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Supported Operating Systems:

Windows XP (32bit) / Vista / 7even / 8.x / Windows 2003 server (32bit) / Windows 2008 server


323.1 mb

发布日期: 2019-07-03