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FXPHD – RTO 202 Tools of Roto and PaintInfo:A lot of focus is often placed on the tools we use for post-production work.

The truth is, there is a good amount of crossover between applications when working on most projects.

This course takes a deeper look at different techniques for common roto, matte creation and paint projects, using a range of applications.

Our main toolset includes mocha and SilhouetteFX, but we also delve into compositing programs, Nuke and After Effects and 3D tracking.

The main focus is fundamental tricks for keeping your roto and matte creation fast and the results appropriate and accurate.

The shots we are working on often require a holistic approach, blending some tough motion tracking, rotoscoping and paint.

We start with beauty retouch and different rotoscoping techniques.

As the course continues, we add some cleanplate creation and rig removal.

Ben Brownlee is a VFX artist, digital media specialist and instructor with 11 years of industry experience across a number of disciplines.

He works extensively with leading Scandinavian fashion brands as co-owner of Husk Os (www.


com) and has worked on various broadcast, TVC and feature projects across the globe.

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发布日期: 2018-01-01