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Gambody – 3D printable collectionInfo:FormatsFDM/SLA/SLSWe focus on a narrow niche of video/computer games related characters and items, as it is something that identifies with the hobby we have been enjoying for several years now.

Being huge gamers ourselves, we accepted the challenge of creating an online hub where game fans from all around the world could gather and buy, download, and share exclusive and unique 3D printable files of their favorite heroes and outstanding game vehicles and machines.

Import into autodesk meshmixer or windows 3d builder to export as .

obj both are free applications.

Adult 167.1MBAkuma.rar 39.8MBAlien Xenomorph.rar 164.0MBAngry Groot.rar 29.1MBAnt Man 516.6MBApocalypse 21.7MBAquaman.rar 45.4MBArmored Hulk FDM.rar 64.3MBArtanis V1 FDM.rar 60.4MBAssassins Creed.rar 43.2MBAsterix 183.2MBAT AT.rar 24.5MBat st walker.rar 17.2MBAT ST Walker.rar 279.4MBatreus god of 120.6MBBaby Groot.rar 40.5MBBarbarian King.rar 67.0MBBatman Chibi.rar 126.0MBBatman Dawn of 335.1MBBatman Figure.rar 68.0MBBatman Samurai.rar 76.2MBBattle Robot Atlas Titan.rar 92.7MBBeerus Bust.rar 92.5MBBelmod Bust.rar 31.1MBBender from Futurama 3D Printing Miniature.rar 28.5MBBlack Manta 50.2MBBlack Panther.rar 20.4MBBusto Freddy 30.0MBBusto Hellboy.rar 16.3MBBusto Penywisse.rar 41.1MBCammy.rar 49.3MBCaptin 142.2MBChaplain from Hammer of War.rar 36.8MBCharizard vs 16.6MBCherno Alpha 3D Model.rar 132.4MBChibi Batman.rar 8.7MBChibi Deadpool.rar 55.4MBChibi Flash.rar 10.3MBchibi Kylo 4.0MBChibi Superman.rar 17.5MBchibi venom 149.1MBChibi Wonder Woman.rar 51.7MBClawcraft Stl.rar 26.1MBDante.rar 79.9MBDarth Vader.rar 126.0MBDeadpool.rar 285.6MBDemon 63.8MBDiorama Completo The Defeated Iron 348.2MBDogmatix 3D Miniature with 54.6MBDr Doom Busto.rar 15.8MBDr Strange 3D Printing Figurine FDM, SLA SLS.rar 220.8MBDurotan.rar 72.7MBDutch diorama pt 101.2MBE.T. the Extra 152.1MBEdward Kenway.rar 36.8MBEnclave armour Fallout 4 Robot.rar 18.6MBEve 28.6MBFin Fang 214.1MBFlash Rayos.rar 46.4MBFreddy Krueger.rar 129.8MBFuturama 34.5MBGELaurel and Hardy Busts 3D Printing Figurines Static.rar 49.9MBGENJI .zip 221.1MBGod of War Kratos.rar 101.0MBGoku.rar 36.9MBGolum.rar 127.6MBGray Widower.rar 112.5MBGroot Cartoon.rar 106.4MBgroot 155.1MBGrumpy Kratos.rar 196.2MBGTA V Trevor.rar 25.9MBHan 101.2MBHan solo in carbonite.rar 11.5MBHeisei Godzilla.rar 98.9MBHela (Stand).rar 129.3MBHela on Throne V1 32.4MBHello Baby 117.2MBHellraiser Bust.rar 44.1MBHercules vs Hydra.rar 23.5MBHydralisk.rar 141.7MBIllidanWOW.rar 44.2MBImpressed Porg 3D Printing Miniature.rar 29.8MBIron Giant.rar 61.7MBIron 199.1MBIron Man 98.0MBIsaac 93.3MBIT.rar 287.4MBJason Bust.rar 67.8MBJiren.rar 36.7MBJoseph 148.2MBJurassicPark.rar 269.3MBKatarina 35.1MBKayle the 44.7MBKen 24.7MBKindred 3D Model.rar 24.1MBKit Asterix Obelix 141.8MBKoba 112.5MBKrillin.rar 56.2MBks20.rar 39.8MBKusanagi.rar 23.3MBLara Croft.rar 67.1MBLara Croft 27.1MBLeia from 28.6MBLich King Lord Of Terror sowrd 186.1MBLord Saladin.rar 27.0MBLoz Lynel.rar 27.0MBLucky Luke.rar 218.6MBLuke Skywalker.rar 130.3MBM. 40.1MBMad Cat MkII 3D Printing Miniature.rar 73.5MBMad Cat Mk II Weapon Kit 3D Printing Files.rar 8.2MBMagneto 172.1MBMalcador Infernus 46.5MBmalgus bust sls (repaired).rar 7.0MBMassEffect Female Shepard 3D Figurine.rar 42.7MBMaster Chief for 3D Printing.rar 33.6MBMegatron Transformers.rar 37.2MBMetal Gear 54.2MBMillenium 141.8MBMillenium Falcon Video Files.rar 324.8MBMillennium Falcon 3D Print Model Standard Assembly 54.9MBmonster Stranger 361.4MBMONTAIN 24.5MBMWO Atlas 3D Model FDM & SLA.rar 54.8MBNinja Batman.rar 19.2MBOptimus Prime.rar 96.2MBOverwatch 31.7MBPacific Rim Gipsy Danger.rar 76.5MBPennywise.rar 27.8MBPiccolo.rar 155.3MBPickle Rick With 87.3MBPokemon Charizard and Pikachu.rar 21.9MBPredador 51.4MBPredator Jungle Hunter.rar 327.0MBPrincess Leia gambody.rar 78.7MBQueen of Blades (StarCraft).rar 171.0MBRedHulk 180.7MBSanta New 39.4MBShadow Fiend.rar 45.8MBspace 112.8MBSpider Man Explosion Scene.rar 165.7MBStar Wars Naboo N 1 Starfighter.rar 33.4MBStar Wars Boba Fett.rar 29.7MBStar Wars Ebon Hawk.rar 71.6MBStar Wars TIE 38.3MBstar wars vehicles.7z 106.1MBStormtrooper.rar 55.5MBSuper Buu.rar 126.7MBSwarm 145.6MBSymbiote Riot diaroma Part 276.3MBSymbiote Venom diaroma Part 392.0MBT 47 48.3MBTank M1A2 Abrams Tusk (US Army).rar 14.6MBTeenage 98.0MBTerran Battlecruiser StarCraft.rar 138.2MBTERRAN 52.8MBTerran Marine 3D Model in Idle 24.8MBtesla power armor 3d model.rar 148.5MBThanos in Action.rar 267.0MBThe Iron Giant 3D MODIFIED + Accessories.rar 111.1MBThe 23.5MBThor.rar 42.9MBThor God of Thunder.rar 13.3MBThor with Stormbreaker.rar 713.6MBTie Crawler.rar 41.6MBtitanfall atlas mech action 44.3MBUltralisk FDM.rar 122.0MBVault 63.0MBVenom diaroma Part 392.0MBWarcraft Durotan 38.3MBWarcraft Grommash Hellscream.rar 253.4MBWilliam Birkin 181.2MBWonder Woman.rar 61.8MBWrath of the Lich 118.7MBX Men 402.9MBX Wing Starfighter 12m.rar 19.0MBYamcha.rar 156.2MBYoda.rar 90.1MBZelda Link 20.6MBZombie Hunter Bust.rar 13.0MB

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发布日期: 2018-11-13