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GSG灰猩猩光线投影贴图素材 Greyscalegorilla – Light Gobos包含64组黑白贴图素材,4K分辨率,主要是透过窗户的投影效果,支持任何三维软件,jpg格式Raise your hand if you’ve ever built an object for the sole purpose of emitting a shadow on your render.

We’ve all done it.

With new Light Gobos from Greyscalegorilla, the work is done for you.

Plus Members now have 5 collections of Gobos to choose from…that’s 64 visual patterns to add drama to your render.

Use Plants, Windows, Lines, Caustics, or Abstract patterns to break up the light and add visual depth to your image.

64 Black and White Texture MapsSuper Detailed, 4k MapsAbstractWindowsPlantsLinesCausticsCinema 4D R20+Works with the Greyscalegorilla Plus LibraryUse wherever Jpgs are supported

发布日期: 2022-2-10